Holiday Gift Guide: The Techie

first_img Why You Should Skip the Suave and Try Custom Hair Care Products 1. Polaroid Z2300 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera 2. Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars 4. Samsung Galaxy Camera 5. Is Falconer the Coolest Drinks Industry Profession Out There? Lenny Kravitz’s New Twice Toothpaste Will Make Plaque Fly Away The Jawbone Mini Jambox, $179.99 at little speaker may only weigh 9 oz., but it sure does pack a lot of sound.AViiQ Charging Kit Cable Rack, $60 at all his or her tangled cords get on your nerves? Put some organization into his or her life with this cable rack.Eton BoostTurbine 4000, $79.99 at battery pack with a crank power back-up gives your phone two full charges when you need power in a pinch.Epic Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard, $99.99 at take up too much space, so why not use this virtual one to avoid the clutter? iGlove, $9.99 at’t let your friend text bare-fingered in the cold!Samsung Galaxy Camera, $449.99 at’ll be able to put his photos on Instagram or Facebook straight from this 16 Megapixel camera.Pebble Smartwatch, $150 at’ll be able to track runs or order an Uber car from this slick smartwatch.Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars, $1,998 at the stars and take pictures of them at the same time with these binoculars.Polaroid Z2300 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera, $179.99 at for those nostalgic for printed photos.PlayStation 3 Bundle, visit for details.If you can’t figure out what else to get, this will make him happy, we promise. Editors’ Recommendations iGlove 6. Epic Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard 7. Eton BoostTurbine 4000 8. AViiQ Charging Kit Cable Rack 9. The Jawbone Mini Jambox Take a Peek at Wimbledon Winner Novak Djokovic’s Swanky Miami Retreat 5 Best Smokers and Smoker-Grill Combos to Enhance Your Meats last_img read more

The Bourdain Effect Reflecting on the Late Celebrity Chefs Impact on All

first_imgAnthony Bourdain died just over a year ago and it still stings. The chef, author, personality, former addict, and philosopher of sorts left a gaping hole not only in the culinary world but in the world in general.The guy preached truly exploratory travel. He wanted you to open your mouths and minds anytime you packed a bag or reached for your passport. He wanted you to question stereotypes, whether they involved authentic dishes or geographic destinations.Paulo Fridman/Getty ImagesBourdain’s highlight reel for Parts Unknown alone is a lengthy one. There was the time he visited Iran despite America’s troubled relationship with the country, only to be treated like royalty. Or the time he clanked beers with President Obama, sporting a noticeable twinkle in his eye. He went on any number of  Heart of Darkness-like treks into some jungle backcountry to become a lovable local for a few blurry, stomach-filling days.The great food minds convince you to not just step out of your comfort zone but blow the whole thing up. The late great Jonathan Gold (of LA Times fame) did this, persuading an entire generation of city dwellers not to overlook what’s being cooked in, well, the overlooked places. Strip malls, food carts, corner stores, and flea markets can house some of the most memorable flavors on the planet. Ratings and narrow-minded press be damned, Gold and Bourdain often thought, there’s real quality beyond what gets the buzz. Perhaps best of all, Bourdain was anti-bullshit. And let’s be fair, there’s a fair amount of it in the restaurant business. He demanded better of us than to just slap the overused “authentic” label on our inspired entrees. Bourdain didn’t have patience for imposters because he had the luxury of almost always going straight to the source. We may not all be able to travel as extensively as he did, but we certainly can learn from his countless miles logged (and filmed).Bourdain’s native New Jersey just created an official food trail for the guy. A commemorative book, too, was just released by CNN. I’d like to think the best way to honor him is to do as he did: Get lost, try everything at least once, and carry yourself with the quiet confidence that comes from having an open mind and some semblance of manners. A Quick and Easy Guide to Popular German Wine Varietals Beyond the plated things, Bourdain still resonated. His late-life fame (he’s said many times that he didn’t even have a savings account until his 40s) is inspiring to every American trying to make it amid recession after recession. His coolness and humility under pressure, so often in a supremely foreign land, was a lesson in how to behave while abroad. While so many Yanks abroad were simply shouting louder English or writing off certain customs, Bourdain politely dug into his surroundings. I found it surprising, at first, to learn that there were no drugs or alcohol in Bourdain’s body when they found him. I’ve since realized that it sort of makes sense. Immensely sad as it was, his death was pure and on his own terms. He picked a time to depart and did exactly that. Rest in peace. 7 of the Best Drink References in Music Helpful Wine Terminology So You Sound Like You Know What You’re Talking About center_img What is Biodynamic Wine? A Quick and Easy Guide to the Buzzyworthy Trend Editors’ Recommendations A Brief History of Bubble Tea and the Best Flavors to Trylast_img read more