Shanghai Longfeng fast ranking exclusive secret

let me give you a detailed explanation of the core steps and core algorithm of fast ranking click algorithm. In accordance with the normal click, generally have four processes, now I give you explain every step of the process of operation and attention to detail.

when I put this two kinds of technical secret, I believe it will let many people see today this kind of fast scheduling technology, of course, will undoubtedly do some fast scheduling orders of the team. For me, make a quick row for a year, if you want to say back fast scheduling technology can quickly return to 2012, when the ranking is much simpler than it is now, just like the previous search engine is now so intelligent. No matter what you do, there will be a positive and negative, so also do a quick row, I can describe fast ranking by saying. Fast row is like a drug, is born, stop dead. The feeling that a bunch of useless crap, in order not to let this article become the title of the party, we directly into the topic. First, let’s talk about the first fast scheduling technology – click ranking. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Science from the reflections in the teacher interview A5

and the Shanghai dragon flow are included, rankings and click. First of all included, general website there are problems, real included is not very good. Included not only look at the site data, it is not really included. Our website must have room for improvement in the collection. And if you want the flow, it must be the three factors of the data, and then carefully analyzed, the three is the general overall included data, the overall ranking data, the overall hit rate data. Every day of recording, sorting, analysis, need to use Excel tools, IIS log analysis of the site, after analysis found nuclear > read more