From the price point of view to teach you how to quickly improve the popularity of the shop

is one of the most important factors of shop management effects, no popularity, no business, customers have a herd mentality, see the shop has a lot of people will think that the store business is good, also want to go to see. Shop business, gather popularity is the key. No popularity, the newly opened store is very easy to fall into bad situation, not to mention no shop popularity, build up the family fortunes, development has become even more hope. Here to provide you with some of the ways to enhance the popularity of the price and practical ideas.

1. low penetration strategy

2. by


at a low price to attract customers to buy a large number of products, their products at the same time, related to the profit. Many of the current "foreign supermarkets" are the price of electrical appliances is very low, in order to attract customers, and in a variety of ancillary equipment to make profits.

3. – Low tail method

4. illusion pricing

5. seasonal discount

6. psychological pricing strategy

in consumer psychology, many "yangchaoshi" love left a small tail in the recommended price in formulating prices

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