How to grasp the market demand for dry cleaners

any business, since there is a low season, naturally there will be a busy season, how to operate in the peak season, and now it is plagued by many operators. Autumn has come, the winter will not be far away, but also the arrival of a dry season, dry cleaners for operators, this season is undoubtedly the most profitable time to make money! In order to ensure the dry cleaners in season management a lot of money, small series on how to grasp the market demand for your weapon:

first, to know what kind of people most need dry cleaning service?

in general, the dry season is the winter season, almost all people have dry cleaning needs, but we also need to know, what kind of people most need dry cleaning clothes? Obviously, in the city of low-income groups are often reluctant to spend ten yuan of money to dry clothes, even in the middle of winter. Therefore, the dry cleaners or owners of high income groups and young people to do business, to seize their washing needs.

second, to know what kind of clothes most need dry cleaning?

can be a lot of dry cleaning clothes, but not all of the clothes must be used for dry cleaning, therefore, there are some clothes can be sent to dry cleaners, but also at home washing. However, with the changes in clothing fabrics, prices rise, many people prefer to send most of the clothes to the dry cleaners, to ensure that the washing effect and extend the service life. Dry cleaners in the busy season, not only to grasp the needs of customers with rigid dry cleaning, but also to take the initiative to introduce other additional services to customers, such as fine water, leather care, shoe bag cleaning, etc..

third, when the dry cleaners are the most prone to laundry?

dry season does not mean that the dry cleaners start every day Business Flourishes, earning large quantities of gold each day. Even in the peak season, each dry cleaners will face the performance curve of different periods of daily turnover and turnover and monthly turnover. Careful observation of these curves will be found in the busy season, dry cleaning business will also present a curve, although the overall rise, but in a small time interval there is always an undulating peaks and valleys. Generally speaking, in the day, when the noon and evening is the peak; and within a week, the weekend is the peak, a month will appear a peak, weekends and holidays constitutes a significant peak of the node dry cleaners.

now the market is not a simple off-season and peak season, under the complex circumstances, what is likely to happen. In short, the market situation is complex, a variety of factors mixed, and the market demand is also showing diversity. Therefore, the dry season operators do a good job in market demand analysis, grasp the rules of operation is very necessary.

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