How to choose the poor industry


can be regarded as the poor, so in terms of capital is certainly no advantage, then the selection of projects and industry, must be careful, you can’t say no money, but also to invest in gold, even the costs are not. So how should the poor entrepreneurs choose the industry?

as much money, you choose your most familiar with, you are a pig to see airplanes big profits, just want to build the aircraft, of course not, a screw aircraft, you can’t do it, do you also difficult to sell.

of course your money is like a plane to fly to the winds. In their own understanding of the industry to see if there is no innovation worthy of tribute, innovation does not necessarily have to complete the scientific workers. Because it is a developing country, so many projects are still at a low level of foundation.

Internet so developed today, the atomic bomb information are likely to find, you have to find the egg chicken technology to find an easy job to do, a comprehensive analysis of technology, may find a point of innovation, to find the best innovation, because the idea of wealth is the fastest, if there is no innovation simulation can also be? Of course, under the principle of legality.

should first understand the company, then select a few peers as study object, to find out their sales channels, they are your teachers, they put the chicken to buy moon, of course you go too. Maybe you will have your idea, the moon can not raise chickens. Peers do not ask these, you are a student asked why these? Students must be modest to the teacher to learn, is a good student.

You may think of

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