Heilongjiang University efforts to strengthen the training of complex entrepreneurial talent

the current market for the growth of entrepreneurial talent growing day by day, and colleges and universities are currently unable to produce a large number of personnel to be able to work on time. Therefore, the Ministry of education requires colleges and universities to set up innovative entrepreneurship courses to improve the entrepreneurial skills of college students as soon as possible.

"three course system" to enhance the professional. To strengthen the construction of professional curriculum system, the establishment of 8 compulsory credits of innovation and entrepreneurship education, students through studying frontier courses, business management courses, professional writing research report, submitted to the business plan and other forms of credit venture. Set up professional courses related to innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the integration of professional learning and innovation and entrepreneurship education.

"three practice carrier" to enhance the practice of. Strengthen the construction of training projects, the establishment of venture capital fund, the organization of professional teachers with the students’ professional learning, the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship project library, students choose their own projects and research mentors, conduct research projects. Strengthen the practice base construction of the carrier, the level of school construction of 4000 square meters of culture of science and Technology Park, the school level has 83 innovation and entrepreneurship training base and skills training base, relying on the professional level of professional laboratory building the cooperation base of more than 200. To strengthen the construction of the activity carrier competition, establish training competition and management mechanism, to encourage students in the professional under the guidance of teachers to participate in the "Challenge Cup", all kinds of mathematical modeling contest, students in more than 3 thousand and 200 people above provincial and ministerial level awards.

"Longjiang Silk Road" to improve. Aimed at "Longjiang Silk Road" construction needs, set up business Russian professional, open Russian in the relevant professional experimental class zero starting point. In cooperation with the relevant companies of China World Trade Center and Russian culture "," Finance + Russian "and" Internet plus talent ". Training of "professional + Russian" talent, relying on the national education system reform between China and Russia and Sino Russian joint college graduate school, the Sino Russian joint training, joint teaching, this Shuoboliandu etc., in chemistry, biology, law and other 6 professional training, nearly 900 people. Relying on the Russian Institute of innovation, "Russian + translation", "Russian English double eight" personnel training mode, training, the two aspects of Chinese and Russian master senior Russian English simultaneous interpreters.

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