Look at the operation of the footwear industry website from the shoe network

relative to traditional industries, the threshold of the Internet business is low, a person, zero capital can start. So there are a lot of groups and individuals, are flocking to the internet. For Internet start-ups, the industry website and local sites in these two areas, is now more popular. If you want to be successful, you must have a good understanding of the industry involved. At the same time, the Internet related knowledge should have a certain understanding and understanding, such as site planning, or else it will be quite difficult to do. For network promotion, the platform is the foundation, the content is the key.

said the content of the most critical, but really want to rely on content to win, is getting harder and harder. Because the content is too easy to copy. I do not want to do services to serve the service, planning out of the service, we must start from the user’s needs, to focus on intimate two words, this is the most difficult to copy, not easy to be exceeded. For example, take the website net shoes, belongs to the network marketing footwear B2C website, e-commerce platform China network’s shoes, to provide an independent management of the mall platform for enterprise customers, the most characteristic is all marketing is around a "shot", the station took the shoe shopping free courier, refund, replacement, cash on delivery, safety, and formed a distinct brand culture.

industry website want to be bigger, we must have a sense of brand, only the industry boss to survive. So do the content, to do around the "authority" two words, do not have a high authority, the authority, at least to a specific area in the industry become the authority. Industry reviews are often the most influential users, laid the status of the industry. Something right on making shoes "and" buy genuine brand sports shoes shoes on net "this is the evaluation of making shoes, like evaluating of making shoes in the industry’s position, when it comes to online buying shoes, there are a lot of online shopping experience will first think of making shoes making shoes, the unique brand of charm, become the first choice for a new era of network website to buy shoes, making shoes is a footwear B2C website authority.

so ready to operate the industry website friends, the industry wants to expand the site, it is necessary to have a sense of brand, to build their own authority within the industry, to establish a brand position. So we in the promotion, but also to the moment, brand two words on the heart, the application of the method, it should be based on brand promotion. SEO is almost necessary to do the work, SEO involves a lot of aspects, but for no full-time SEOER site, do a good job on the basis of optimization can be. For example, the basic structure of the content optimization, the basic optimization of the code, etc..

industry Web site operations are basically a number of generic methods, but there is no case of the two industry is the same, so even if the generic approach, it may not be the same. So the best way is the root of the characteristics of the industry, their own resources, to find the most suitable for their own way.

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