Three rules for personal success

      a long time ago, I was a webmaster, but now think about it, I felt that I was a lover. It is not a qualified webmaster, I often encourage myself to work hard, often think about their previous website, why not successful, why not profit!

      first, location

      my first website, just thinking about the large, do portal sites like, later found to be updated with too much information, personal power can not so much information to complete the update, and now are looking for information to the professional web sites to find love, rather than the portal!

      so, later I will website, the website positioning gradually narrowed, the goal, the content of the website also gradually enrich, no longer feel a lack of energy, slowly rising.

      for example: I have a good friend, I said to him: "you will find me in the direction of the north, I am waiting for you!" He went to the north to find me, looking for a long time did not find me. If I say to him: "you go to the north of the woods to find me, I wait for you there!" He went to the woods and found in the woods hours to find me. If I say to him, "you will find me under the banyan tree on the right side of the forest." He soon found me.

      Web site as well as to find people, positioning more clearly, the probability of success is greater, not blindly thinking about the large, our personal webmaster should do specific professional website!

      two, method

      do not speak, is very tired, sometimes at a loss, if you don’t know, would like to consider cheating don’t know the way out was arrested. Of course, I’m not going to let your site do search engine cheating.

      if you update the article, is business owners, you will have no time to update manually, with the acquisition of the way, if you collect information is a large web site that Baidu will not give you too much weight, because you update the article, others are updated, even if you included the Baidu the article, also not through keyword search to your page, so we can collect the forum to find personal blog related articles, to find the original articles to update, so that others do not have you, Baidu will update your station!

      when we collect software, some need skills, if the webmaster will programming, may use a lot of ways to save their time, can

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