The electricity supplier to enjoy energy subsidies encounter threshold billion yuan sales proceeds t


"hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies to the online appliance enterprises to advance, which makes still a wide range of Rangli promotions giants have to delay the speed of follow up" policy, a business insiders complained to reporters road.

it is reported that, although the national energy conservation program has landed more than in January, a number of home appliance class electricity supplier but no specific follow-up action. The industry believes that the policy channels need to pay hundreds of millions of users to subsidies, the price war makers Sike capital chain more nervous now, this is the main reason leading to the delay in the follow up.

verbal commitment did not follow up

it is understood that the executive meeting of the State Council decided to arrange 26 billion 500 million yuan of financial subsidies, start in line with energy efficiency standards for air conditioning, flat-panel TVs, refrigerators and water heaters. To this end, the end of May, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued "on the issuance of the" energy-saving products Huimin project energy-saving flat-panel TV promotion rules for the implementation of "notice" and "on the issuance of the" energy-saving products Huimin project energy-efficient room air conditioner promotion rules for the implementation of "circular".

notice stipulates that during June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013, some domestic air conditioning and television products can enjoy policy subsidies, subsidies up to 400 yuan.


notification issued after a reporter from the Jingdong store, (micro-blog), etc. multi appliance business has been almost the same response, "the first time we will follow the national policy". However, a month later, when the reporter once again to understand the progress of the electricity supplier to follow up, but found that there is no one of the main home appliance companies to launch related subsidies. Most of the responses they give are "developing systems for new policies, such as the development of specific processes and measures that will be introduced in the first place".


overwhelming advance money

"it takes time to develop a new system to adapt to the subsidy policy of purchasing procedures, rather than advance subsidy reason is business enterprise still follow up, an insider told reporters tells the truth.

reporter learned that the national energy subsidies by the Ministry of finance subsidies to manufacturers, manufacturers to distributors and sales customer service unified settlement, which indicates that the business enterprise must first advance subsidies to the user. In this regard, insiders said, as a follow-up to this government of Suning Appliance (micro-blog) the need to spend 500 million yuan to advance the national energy subsidies. As the online channel of, the relevant responsible person told the reporter that the online consumers also enjoy the subsidy policy line, advance the amount of not less than one hundred million yuan level.

it is worth noting that, although the industry generally implemented this policy will promote the sales of electricity supplier, to stimulate the consumer market, household appliances currently weak however, more sales growth will be more intensified electricity subsidies advance pressure.


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