National People’s Congress today considered the draft decision to strengthen the protection of netwo

, according to Xinhua news agency, the NPC Standing Committee is scheduled to consider the decision to strengthen the protection of network information today, the majority of users are looking forward to this.

now serious disclosure of personal information. Morning call, names that I receive a free online shopping lottery, a thousand dollars of cosmetics, only need to pay 200 yuan……"

this is a netizen on the network of a message. Many users have had a similar experience, and this kind of fraud behavior bitterly. Many netizens called for further purification of the network information environment, in order to strengthen the protection of citizen network information security.

at the moment, online shopping has become a popular way of shopping, but many users did not pay attention to protect their privacy when online shopping is not compromised. Not long ago, "Fujian female white-collar online shopping parcels throw lead to a fatal disaster" news is a typical case.

face the potential dangers of personal information is leaked and a wide variety of spam messages, telemarketing, online scam, a lot of friends on the Internet frequently tucao.

buy a car for children, all kinds of bank cards, online shopping network chat network…… Netizens can not help wondering, when and where is who leaked my privacy?

regardless of whether the leak is intentional or unintentional, users are faced with many risks. A public security bureau warned in its official micro-blog, the recent network QQ hacking fraud cases in the country in the majority of Internet users in the QQ chat when you do not believe in all kinds of friends to help, QQ online shopping, money, etc. need urgent grounds to seek help in the remittance, remittance must call multiple channels for confirmation, and improve self-awareness, to prevent the loss of property.

at present, the number of Internet users in China reached more than 500 million, constitute a huge network platform and network groups. The majority of users called for the relevant departments to take effective measures to strengthen the network information security, so that the majority of Internet users at the same time more happy at ease.

Netizen "

white hope, giving birth to" draft to steal personal information constraint and punishment.

– outside the box

Canadian network management emphasizes self regulation

Canada in the Internet regulatory system and private institutions to adhere to both the official institutions, duties. The official institutions including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Security Intelligence Agency, the Canadian Communications Security Research Institute, the Canadian Department of consumer affairs, Canada Network Incident Response Center, and non-governmental organizations include standard committee, Canada network operators will acccim.

Canada on the management of Internet content mainly adopts the means of "self regulation", that is, through the formal authority of the state, the industry itself to manage the content of the network. Canada’s emphasis on the management of the Internet not only the use of legal means, but also to guide the competent authorities to develop self-discipline. The Canadian government divides negative public opinion information into two categories: illegal trust

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