You must not know that everyone has invested so many financial projects

Abstract: Renren has not given up self innovation, not long ago, APP upgrade, add new features, but these users are trying to reform innovation and eggs, not many users remain in situ. Renren main business has been at a loss, and Chen Yizhou in terms of money is sensitive, so that everyone’s network investment business development and growth.


note: in the beginning of the influx of capital began to pour into the Internet financial venture companies, everyone in the United States and China to invest a lot of Internet banking companies have begun to enter the harvest period. For example, the United States famous student loan platform SoFi, real estate congregation raised platform Fundrise, Internet asset management platform Motif. At the same time, Renren is also in the layout of China’s Internet banking, such as investment in social networking platform snowball, Internet wealth management platform gold ax.

main industry has been the decline of Renren, is under the leadership of Chen Yizhou investment business. Self help move the company can make the transformation of titanium media reporter Sun Cheng recently to everyone network COO Liu Jian interview:

Renren recent investment is the Internet financial platform for gold ax, totaling $50 million. This round of B round of financing led by everyone to vote, Sequoia Capital with the cast, the amount of more than $40 million per person before the net lead snowball.

Renren investment is not new. In China, the United States and the two sides of the network has been investing in the investment department of the student loan platform SoFi, real estate congregation raised platform Fundrise, Internet asset management platform Motif and other financial startups. This is being forgotten by the user of the company, is still low-key in the investment business.

the latest $50 million per person, who cast it?

Jin Fuzi is a similar Internet wealth management cloud platform, do pan information management thing. Investment advisor, financial planner, investors in the three sides of the cloud platform docking, Jin Fuzi provide product services for these three parties, as well as fund, private placement, traditional institutions, Internet banking platform to provide support for entrepreneurs. Golden ax company said the latest financing will be used in four ways:

team expansion, including the establishment of investment research team, enhance risk management, attracting a large number of traditional financial institutions to join professionals, including brokers, research institutes, funds, banks, wind control stakeholders.

In the mobile

to strengthen the financial aspects of the layout of the mobile world, "2014 annuity launched APP axe" snowball "for public investment, and the investment advisory group APP" financial Hong Kong ", these all need a large number of mobile Internet talent.

layout line. The golden axe is headquartered in Shenzhen, the future will be in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other major city sites, will set up service line under the professional line, but the scale is not too large, but the auxiliary line.


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