How to operate a professional market + online shop model B2B website (1)

website operators can understand the nature of such B2B site, can combine their own advantages, to avoid their own weaknesses, the website operation. The following will be discussed from the following aspects.

1 B2B e-commerce website introduction

Definition of

1.1 B2B e-commerce website

B2B (Business to Business) is the exchange of products, services and information between enterprises and enterprises through the internet. B2B is a kind of electronic commerce according to the classification of transaction objects. This form of e-commerce is carried out between enterprises and enterprises. General information release and matchmaking based, mainly to establish a bridge between businesses.

1.2 B2B e-commerce website is divided into: horizontal and vertical


B2B field, there are two main modes: one is the industry vertical B2B e-commerce website, according to an industry, do deep penetration, such as the global textile network, China chemical network, global network hardware etc.. Such sites are undoubtedly more authoritative in the professional, accurate, but for most of the industry vertical class B2B e-commerce sites for its shortcomings is too narrow audience, it is difficult to form a scale effect.

the other is horizontal type of comprehensive B2B e-commerce sites, covering the entire industry, in the breadth of efforts, such as Alibaba, HC etc.. Has the industry vertical B2B website difficult to match the advantages of this kind of website in brand awareness, the number of users, cross industry, technology development and other aspects, although many inadequacies in the user but not necessarily customers want users, slightly less than in the user accuracy, depth and so on service industry. Generally speaking, both have advantages and disadvantages.

1.3 specialization and scale is the development direction of


vertical and horizontal is not absolute. For example, the hardware industry can be divided into an integrated class (level) hardware B2B website and industry vertical hardware B2B website, such as integrated global hardware network, more specialized, such as screw mesh, bearing network, tools, etc.. So vertical and horizontal is not absolute, from a point of view it is vertical, and from another point of view it may become the level of the.

industry vertical class B2B and comprehensive class B2B is not completely opposed, there is a strong complementarity between them, for a long time, at least in some industries will coexist, who will not replace. We see the industry vertical class B2B and the integrated class B2B have advantages and disadvantages, it is foreseeable that these two types of B2B will try to make up for its deficiencies. In other words, the level of integrated B2B will be toward the direction of specialization, vertical class B2B will strive to seek large-scale. Namely: specialization and scale is the only way for the development of B2B.

vertical and horizontal B2B industry Web site is the best way to cooperate, that is, the vertical category of various industries between the B2B site >

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