Taobao live is so on play 5 seconds to sell 40 thousand eggs.

news May 31st, the day before, Taobao Taobao broadcast platform in the rural village of red "(village network red) broadcast the first show, to sell the farm home video broadcast.

Ali said the morning broadcast of the "village of red Tuhuo, find live" in the broadcast platform to watch online users exceeded 100 thousand over the same period a total of nearly 5000 people, the number of online, like the number of points of nearly 90 thousand times.


live page screenshot

rural Taobao village red live related agricultural products are also in rural Taobao, Taobao mobile phones, Juhuasuan and other platforms simultaneously to the national consumer. Among them, in the launch of 5 seconds, soil egg sales 40 thousand. By the end of the day at 3 p.m., soil egg sales will break through the 100 thousand.

Ali responsible person said, 50 farmers also pick their products or handicrafts to "Amoy village bazaar" live, to live video show their farm tuhuo.

Taobao "

rural village live red" project manager Wang Hui said, "through the" red village live form, city consumers buy real farm Tuhuo, farmer net sales of agricultural products, to create a new age of the Internet market mode. He also said, "the Chongqing Xiushan webcast Tuhuo is" selling farm village red live "first station pilot, the next will continue to spread throughout the country."

Zhu Jun, general manager of rural development in rural areas, Taobao also said that the future will bring consumers’ cloud on the countryside, the service, the real order agriculture, rural cloud".

According to

billion state power network to understand, Taobao is one of the rural Alibaba in 2014 launched a strategic project, with the electricity supplier platform, build the county village two service network, to achieve two-way flow of "net goods to the countryside" and "agricultural town".

public information, Taobao live on March this year, formally launched, which is located in the consumer direct broadcast, support while watching buy function. Taobao data show that mobile users to watch live content of over 10 million, the number of anchor over 1000 people, at present the platform every day live sessions in 500 games, among them, more than half of the audience is 90, but the proportion of women is about 80%, accounting for the absolute dominant.

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