Love polymerization station owners are most concerned about the issue of summary

what is love aggregation?

love polymerization keyword: Web2.0 system + automatic aggregation of data + automatically update content + Video – Articles – Pictures – Information – Tag four modules + attentive webmaster service = love polymerization interactive system

1, love polymerization is to do dumpster


yes, of course not.

fact is that love polymerization is a new interactive community system, Web2.0 system common groups (circles), personal home page, friends, Digg type of information, Ajax, personal collections and other elements of love all owned.

1) to cause misunderstanding is mainly because love polymerization system built in automatic aggregation function, the function compared with the common CMS system manual collection is a total revolution, this is just one way to improve productivity. So judge love polymerization is used to do the dumpster, just buy a chainsaw is used to kill people as ridiculous; the key problem is how to use it [you]


2) in the open automatic aggregation switch, content aggregation function and user self publishing topics, information, pictures and other functions is not conflict, owners can turn off the automatic aggregation function at any time according to the development of the website.

proved: to do good work, must first sharpen his old ideas; pedantic history is unstoppable pace of


2, Baidu will be included in the polymerization of love to build the station


[yes], of course, and Baidu would like to love the content of the aggregation site, because the site with the aggregation of love will have a lot of original content.

1) the love polymerization system has optimized the content of the automatic aggregation, and the content and the content on the Internet are not completely duplicated;

2) innovation love polymerization is the biggest topic, information, pictures and video content on the subject and label do the original restructuring, so that the entire project page and display page labels are original to the search engine, and also around the [Key words] as the center, this project page manual editing is similar the search engine’s love.

3) comprehensive home love polymerization by caching mechanism, namely to increase the access speed, and will continue to update the topic, topic and label site renovation displayed in the interval after a certain time, absolutely in line with the search engine


4) system fully integrated unified and universal tag label, a tag related topic page also has its related information, pictures, videos and hyperlinks to the label member, also display the label, which greatly increased the website internal links, let search engine running non-stop.

5) aggregation of love, including video, articles, pictures, tag, the four modules of information content, the combination of the site as a whole search engine friendly.

3, with love >

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