Slow – the movie Mito station promotion video

      had heard of ADMIN5, has been used to visit the master who cheats and experience, today to send a small adventure experience, only with some friends to share entertainment station promotion experience entertainment station (station is Kazakhstan). Where not to say, welcome to enlighten.

      we all know that there are several dilemmas facing the promotion of entertainment stations:

      1: the domestic similar site too much, whether it is "free movie" "passion" stockings video "beauties" beyond count;

      2:BAIDU as the webmaster of the first reference to the entertainment station is also very careful. For example, today you stand in the "beautiful picture" search page ranked first, perhaps tomorrow will be K;

      3: the content is stereotyped, you COPY me, I COPY you, can not produce adhesive effect on visitors……

      a year ago, I started to make a small movie video station, in addition to a domain name and a 200M space, the other nothing, all the contents of 6ROOMS are hotlinking video podcast website content, website well, began to research and promotion. How to achieve effective promotion? ADMIN5 a lot of seniors have said too many methods, such as Baidu post, keyword optimization etc.. Today I would like to introduce my 3 methods:

      No.1 site navigation, ranking

      GJJ, LELESO, BBBB8 with the success of the vigorous development of site navigation, so that more "unremarkable" website quickly became popular, large and small array of entertainment website navigation "," free movie website ranking "always longing for the flow of entertainment station has a slim chance of survival. And the operation is simple, the real "you push me, I push you," the Communist development". Personal experience, feel good effect has wide ( Lele search ( baby. ( QQ (


      No.2 Baidu know

      graph king old elder brother once taught the methods, such as know to Baidu in search of "Li Yuchun", find a few have yet to be answered or has not been to the correct answers, publish their own station contains "Li Yuchun" page, a little trouble, you can add >

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