Sogou Alliance 360300 of the cash realizable ability

was held in a commune webmaster Sogou alliance salon, the effect of operating staff to share our cooperation norms, advertising techniques and so on for the guests.

360*300’s advertising ability is very strong, mainly the choice of the site than the 300*250 advertisers less, resulting in competition is not fierce, so the same click rate, 300*250 earnings will be slightly lower than 360*300.

the official also said: select the union advertising size must be matched with the web page, follow the two principles:

1, wider than narrow good.

2, a large area of advertising than the small size of the good.

only say what ad size does not have much practical significance, to make the union advertising better show the amount and click rate, requires a combination of advertising position and size, the most suitable collocation scheme, in order to maximize advertising revenue. What do you think?


Author: Lu Songsong, please retain the source reprint!


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