China’s first domain name trading conference held in Beijing

webmaster June 5th news, 2009 Chinese first domain name trading conference held in Beijing Kerry The Heart of Pai, from across the country more than 200 domain experts and owners together to discuss trade status and development trend of Chinese.

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) network division director Qi Lin at the meeting revealed that the Chinese Internet Network Information Center will continue to vigorously promote the CN domain, in the next few years will be the mainstream of CN domain name as China application domain. General manager Sedo GMBH Zhang Qian introduced the overseas Chinese domain name transaction status and recent domain name trading best ranking, and China business statistics, Zhang Qian also revealed that China’s cn is generally underestimated the value of the domain name, domain name CN CN low trading volume, market outlook is infinite, the future direction of the domain name trading market is a market with: and the two stage of market development with more precision, the dealer market more standardized, the number of domain name transactions and transaction value has been greatly enhanced, CN domain name transactions continue to increase.

rich network president Wu Yangyi introduced the domain name and domain name trading industry chain to create value, analyzes the reason analysis of the domain name market formation, market formation and the meaning of Chinese need a kind of domain name market. Wu Yangyi said that a wealth of information platform, convenient way of inquiry and a unified valuation standard is currently China’s need for domain name trading platform. "President Deqing introduced Chinese hole domain name transaction system and transaction security.

show in the form of links in the "Convention" Chinese trade self-discipline, the conference organizers Mingfu, renamed China, and co organizers, and representatives of investors to demonstrate the Chinese domain trade self-discipline convention book.

discussed the first link in the salon, director Liu Peng from Shandong Unicom, Unicom Unicom broadband in line Chinese – Deputy General Manager Wang Guoyong, Microsoft -MSN North BD six room director Liu Guorui, President Liu Yan, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city, rich network president Wu Yangyi corporate representative discussions on enterprise development and application domain.

to discuss the second links in the salon, the domain name investors on behalf of You Xiaodong, Zhong Bin, Zun meters net CEO Wang Quanfeng, renamed China President Kong Deqing, the domain name city CEO Wang Chunlei, Melbourne IT- Chinese representative Hugo domain held discussions with rational trade talks. You Xiaodong said to be worthy of the name and domain name, website, mainstream atmosphere, easy to remember, Zhong Bin said English domain value choice of popular, commercial applications more widely, has a large industrial value in traditional industries, to move onto the Internet application domain, also has short digital domain name, domain name is to compare the value of Pinyin big. "China President Deqing hole said the domain name investment transactions should pay more attention to the actual domain, inflated the whole development of the industry is not healthy. Domain city CEO Wang Chunlei said on.Cc,.Mobi,.Tel and other non mainstream suffix domain name is not optimistic about the domain name

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