URL link preview function to provide revenue

Nowsnap (www.nowsnap.com) since the free preview links launched webmaster receive support and concern, thank, also thank you for providing station network communication platform.

use the URL link preview function in the webmaster at the same time, there are many webmaster put forward very good, we will master the opinions and suggestions to the summary according to the views of all priorities, decided to use all functions in the maintenance of free at the same time, first solve the problem of increasing income for the owners.


today, we will realize the system upgrade, as shown above, the scope of the red border delineation in all the contents of both the webmaster custom, that is to say, the use of links to preview the webmaster, you can customize the preview box station ad content displayed in your show.

to develop a new Adsense page space, adding new available advertising, provides a new channel for income, we believe that the advertisement on the preview box because it is attached to the mouse around the user, so a high degree of concern, the advertising effects are better than other common advertising position.

NowSnap is willing to provide free of charge for the majority of more practical functions, welcome to the owners at any time to provide valuable advice, thank you!


2008 06         friendship connection, link trading, in the link version: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-65-1.html   

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