nterpretation of the .Wang domain name registration business opportunities through the 32.com domai

we usually understand simple domain name website on the Internet address of the world, only the address can be accurately access to the site, so the domain name in today’s Internet era plays an important. The special value of the. As the license plate number, a convenient to remember the domain name is the focus of the webmaster has been chasing.

and 32.com are recently, short URL search site in millions of dollars to acquire the octopus has become a hot topic that people in the mouth, and the domain name on the site one day short visits soaring staggering.

three reasons for seemingly simple 32.com domain name is not simple

1, the more simple the site domain name is easier to identify, and the input is simple, so it is the domain name can help the website to get a lot of audience;

2, the domain name is a finite resource, with the increase of global Internet users, domain name registration volume has been rising, the domain name resource is less and less, it is practical to remember domain name price rises. According to the current data show that the domain name, the more simple the higher the price of the domain name, especially such as 32.com this is a pure digital resources and the frequency of the domain name is exhausted COM domain name, it is impossible to meet.

3, today is a "wine is also afraid of deep alley" era, even if the product is good, also want to have a good name to help promote. The octopus has a strong premise of search in the search engine, needs a quality domain name is the urgent demand, this also lets the octopus in search of objective reasons for the A single word of gold. 32.com.

short domain name business opportunities,.Wang domain name registration is the right time?

short domain name is a kind of high gold content of the intangible assets and limited, so most of the com, net, CN and other veteran short domain were registered, usually need to want to get high priced acquisitions, such as vip.com’s "VIP.com", the Tencent "qq.com", "mi.com" millet. The shorter the domain name, the greater the value of the domain name can be called gem. As everyone knows, the gem is valuable in addition to its own value, there is a certain "rarity", then come to open registered ".Wang" domain name is not a good time to grasp the business opportunities in the

domain name?

yes, the following is a small series of finishing a few points:

one: with excellent positioning, meaning extraordinary. The ".Wang" domain name registration board ecliptic from birth gave an excellent location, whether it is "network", "King" or "Wang" meaning is excellent, with a high degree of global Chinese spelling habits, and inherited the English input and convenient advantages, is very conducive to the spread of memory and the majority of Internet users. A simple time domain name is immeasurable for an enterprise in terms of business value.

second: rich resources, huge investment space. ".wang" domain name has just been open to register for a long time, domain name resources are very rich, compared to >

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