The recruitment website by the new recruitment model beset with troubles internally and externally s


high-end positions to reduce, frequent job hopping…… This year, the state continued to slump traditional recruitment website. Even the top ranked recruitment sites, in the face of social networking sites, classified information network and the impact of the new recruitment model, such as micro job, it is very difficult.

contract employees less and less

Narrator: qianchengwuyou Xiaoyu


told reporters on the work of the operation Department qianchengwuyou Xiaoyu, she is mainly responsible for arranging the enterprise recruitment information, put them up on the internet. "Last year, business is good, all over the country in the substation, the large volume of business, often work overtime to 10 pm this year; a few services, basically do not work overtime. But in the past, some of the world’s top 500 companies to send jobs to our online, now this kind of large and medium-sized enterprises less, many small businesses have not known, the service industry, the IT industry provides more, mostly low-end positions are batch bidding."

decline in business revenue naturally affected. Xiaoyu said, qianchengwuyou this year’s salary increase rate is relatively small, even less than 5%. She posted 176 yuan per month, often not enough. "Everyone thinks it’s too little, and the bottom sales staff, consultants and editors work hardest, with only two thousand or three thousand per month, and there’s no future. Once you have a good chance, you want to jump to other industries." Xiaoyu told reporters that this year the labor contract expires, the renewal of the people more and more less.

resume value continued to decline

Narrator: the recruitment of David

David in Zhaopin engaged in telephone sales, to make hundreds of calls every day, to promote the company’s customers, develop new customers, maintain old customers, have to work every day said mouth parched and tongue scorched, exhausted.

this year to give me the first impression is that large companies are not interested in the recruitment site." David remember a large enterprise customers had to contact him, suddenly give up this year in the recruitment on the position that can not find the talent they want. Some of the large enterprises will publish recruitment information through their official website, candidates can send your resume to the other designated mailbox, communicate; if you need for a job recruitment, the enterprise will now search cooperation."

this way, to stay on the recruitment site, mostly low-end, alternative high position. As a result, some people complain that it is hard to find a good job on a recruitment website. "We have a headache for those who have long been hanging on the Internet of small companies. Sometimes they obviously have been filled, but do not want to withdraw the recruitment information, continue to attract some candidates attention. Once the enterprise is missing, it will also call the candidates. There are some recruitment company fabricated employing conditions to extend the recruitment time, in order to achieve the purpose of free advertising. For candidates, in fact, he put the company >

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