You delete the protection fee Baidu Post Bar in network of rivers and lakes

is a network of rivers and lakes. This sentence applies to Baidu post bar is absolutely right. The old river in experienced Internet users increasingly feel the strong wind and big waves, Jianghu sinister.

is located in the end of November last year, director of the old river suddenly found behind the finger pointing, and people around the eyes seemed full of contempt. Originally, an old Jiang package kept woman rumors started spreading all the long mouth. After repeated investigation, he was surprised to find that the original rumors from the beginning of the Baidu post bar. Since then, the old river began a long road to struggle.

"I QQ with you through the contact, this post is that libel, it also submitted evidence. The Lord after a deal, told me to delete a post 300 yuan, a total of two posts, to his account 600 yuan." Lao Jiang said.

although rumors on the network is absolutely not true, but the old river holding It’s better to save trouble. attitude, hit 600 yuan of money, to this person’s account, it was to honor the delete oath.

in the old river that everything has subsided, similar rumors began in the next County Post Bar in the beginning, the rumors in the old river and even became a pervert. Helpless, the old river and with the county’s main contact Post Bar request delete, it did not give a clear reply. Then there is a person called "Post Bar bar friends" with the old Jiang QQ, promised that if the old river give him 60 thousand yuan, he will ensure that the old river does not appear in the post malicious posts.

I am very angry, this is simply a protection fee, I suspect this is the two main collusion scams. I made a complaint to Baidu, but Baidu believes it is difficult to confirm the claim of "man and the Lord Post Bar Lord friends’ identity, so no treatment. I complained to the county supervisor battalion, supervisor battalion ask Baidu to delete posts, but Baidu has said, to the provincial level network monitoring unit attestation to be recognized, the final event can only settle a matter by leaving it unsettled." Lao Jiang reluctantly said.

countless stories

if Baidu Post Bar compared to a lake, so the old river is the world in the most obscure numerous living beings, a. And the old river has experienced a lot of people have gone through the lake.

Netizen "

bird can’t fly and old Jiang had a similar experience, he has also been abuse on the Internet defamation, then it is Post Bar blackmail 800 yuan to delete, but he is more intelligent than the old river, he learned to collect evidence.

"I have Post Bar main QQ with what I said then complained to the screenshots, Baidu, after a long wait, abusive posts are deleted." He said.

in addition to delete posts, letter ID is some good Post Bar often encountered the maddenin punishment.

"because I was in Post Bar published on the Lord’s dissatisfaction >

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