Teacher talk stationmaster talent network operation

first listen to this topic a bit like a teacher to write papers. Oh, I am a teacher, teaching computer. In 1999, I was fascinated by the computer, spent three hundred yuan to our city computer training program to learn typing, that is in the severe winter, from seven pm to learn eleven points, very cold, one month down I was the fastest typing, then go home and bought a computer with the school school typing get some money, usually also contribute to the computer class newspapers, mainly computer knowledge.

with the amount of contribution is more and more big, published articles and the payment of the single as a snowflake to return to my hands, in addition to the payment can take money order to our office (now called the agency do) with a double bonus, the heart is very happy, and began to develop in depth, learn a variety of software, including web the Three Musketeers, graphic design software and so on, very full of energy. In 2000 I now works for a full-time school computer teacher, so I was transferred to the Dafeng City, now the school – sixth primary school. Start learning courseware, then specialize in website design, five or six years of groundless talk now.

have a chat with friends when it comes to our city talent network said to be revised, I go home to open the web site, found that art is not what to do, and almost no update and management, almost let things drift, so want to get a talent website. At first, because there is no money, to the online search talent network source". After several search to make it the Dafeng recruitment program, the next is to register a domain name. Because the city has a Dafeng talent, not with him, he took a big recruitment network (www.dfzpw.com) of the first letter of the international domain name, and choose a space. Such a talent website is up.


framework is the set up, but no one visit ah, how to do it yourself? Ah, holding a phone book, a collection of phone companies, allowing them to be released the recruitment information to free my website, I gave him the advertising, and carefully tell them my web site. Slowly, my site has gradually registered. Now, I play one hundred calls every day (phone is the network packet of the phone, do not spend much money, ha ha), contact enterprises and institutions, the promotion of my website online. The Internet is also in the major forums to release my website information. Now search keywords "Dafeng talent network" my station ranked second, search "Dafeng recruitment nets" ranking first. Next, I also intend to increase efforts to fight for the first place.

well, said a lot, do not know if there is no reference to everyone. There is a common interest in the operation of the network of friends and I add qq:133989810 to explore.

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