n May, the major electricity supplier price war flagship product 3C

Tmall City air Carnival Carnival activities of the website screenshot

in the first round of this year’s suning.com open electricity supplier price war in January after nearly B2C Tmall boss shot. Yesterday, Tmall announced the electric city, invested 200 million yuan in cash to build for a few months "crazy summer season", the factory direct price based on consumer feedback posted by Tmall. Insiders said that Tmall’s move and after Suning, Gome, Dangdang’s promotional efforts will be directed at the meaning of Jingdong mall.

Tmall launched Summer Electric Appliance promotion war

Tmall mall source, promotional activities this crazy summer season will last from May to August, Tmall electric city has teamed up with nearly a thousand businesses, hundreds of brands of 3C digital household appliances manufacturers to consumers, businesses will be low by Tmall Electric City supplement.

it is understood that yesterday launched the "crazy summer season" first wave "air conditioning Carnival" people group activities have started until 10 this month. Among them, the price of 3 single product activities for the beauty of the high frequency of 1P air conditioning 2499 yuan, TCL speed is 1P air conditioning 1699 yuan, 2599 yuan Haier inverter air conditioner 1.5P. In addition, accept the group will also get the highest straight down 800 yuan discount.

according to reports, the next "crazy summer season" promotional activities will also open mobile phone, laptops, cameras and other digital products special, each to participate in the activities of the goods direct kill the lowest industry. For example, the end of May, the number of first-line brands will jointly organize 200 thousand small kitchen appliances big promotion; the next 6 to August there will be heavy ongoing activities.

Suning Gome Dangdang has launched offensive

announced the summer before the promotion for nearly a month in Tmall, another electricity supplier B2C has started the first round of this year’s electricity supplier price war. Suning announced in April 9th, all product prices will be reduced by 20%, the breakdown of the entire network price, and claims to reserve a $1 billion super low supply and promotional resources, such as the implementation of greater promotional efforts.

suning.com announced the second day war, dangdang.com and the United States jointly launched "as the highest straight down 2000 yuan" activities in Dangdang electrical mall, and sales in April 10th to 16, launched the "amazing Guose Xian Xiang Dangdang" first quarter activity.

at the same time, Gome’s other electricity supplier website Kuba also announced on April 12th ~13 launched promotional activities – "48 hours ultimate berserk benefits", relates to the whole category of goods, the price lower than the market price of 10%, the price of life electrical products overall lower than about 40% of the market price.

electricity supplier in the above positive B2C price war, many of the electricity supplier directed at Jingdong mall. The person in charge of suning.com Chongqing Luo Feng bluntly, suning.com launched promotional activities, the opponent is not the United States, but Dangdang, B2C first and second position of Tmall.

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