The entrepreneur’s lost girlfriend if love, how should love


text / Yang Linhua

When I write the idea for

years later, I realized, and I will start their own network for $3 billion 200 million sold to CISCO to become one of the most famous Chinese Silicon Valley Zhu Min private chat, I already described these stories after several years of foreshadowing.

day, I used to ask Zhu Min a question, do you love to see what books? He broke the results, false my occupation. "You, you always interview the so-called successful people are actually the top Chinese in Pyramid," he said: "if you really want to know what I usually love to read the book, my answer is that the booth of" Novel Monthly ". What are they talking about? A bunch of poor people dying every day wondering how to sell pirated discs, how to make a way to make money. Well, why? Because this is the life of most people, this is the real china."

to be honest, this answer is very different from most of the answers I ask entrepreneurs. This of course and the legend of Zhu Min: the 10 year career of farmers in the fields planting manure; children years later was admitted to Kasetsart University in Zhejiang; 30 years old began to learn English at the age of 36; at first American Stanford University MBA entrance, the same year the first contact with the computer; the 41 year old founder of network 52 network; CISCO acquired rich harvest.

had not had that experience in his early years, Zhu Min might not have thought about it from that point of view. Similarly, the stories that I have recorded in the next interview may not be familiar to most of the high-end readers of silicon, but these stories are true and even represent a group.

he always asked me to discuss business problems in his company with him, I don’t know what he called me stupid, I know he said I do not put forward their views." Wang Qing said she was going crazy. "What does the man need?"

this is the month of lovers in 2011, China is experiencing the most extensive science and technology entrepreneurship tide. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and even more young people at the second city, surrounded by everywhere in the restaurant talking about financing and project scene. Previously, the successful listing of Dangdang and Youku has set off a new wave of demonstration effect, a few sad story also entered the public view at the end of 2010:

listed on the eve of encounter "interference"; his ex-wife founder Li Guoqing micro-blog said will invite the first girlfriend in listed bell Liu Qiangdong are feeling; if one day Jingdong mall listed, he invited the first girlfriend celebration, because the "Jingdong" two words from the original sum of his and her name.

is an abstract noun "and modern science and technology entrepreneurs from stereo, their financing mode is the most one of the future Chinese entrepreneurship; a group behind them also surfaced, they are the process of China commercial civilization perceptual witness.

but "men are from Mars"

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