Zero on the time management of network promotion (Part one)

in fact, everything involves time management, a day’s time is very short, it is difficult to make a good grasp of better efficiency and effectiveness. There are a lot of people do promotion, today in the QQ sending two messages, tomorrow at Post Bar send a small post, acquired by a mass of software to Sina blog and leave footprints, it seems that every day busy awfully, but the effect is not very ideal.

now rely on SEO site, has been a certain degree of difficulty, we need to use more web site promotion methods. The promotion of their own site, there is a good time to plan, in order to promote the site to achieve the desired effect, and this plan is also consistent with the network growth cycle to set. We need to plan for a short period of each cycle, and this is only a process of refinement, but also a process of perfection.

will promote the network as a business. The site is generally divided into three periods, before two months is a period of 2~6 months for the second cycle, third 6~12 month period, if a year after the website PR has not included no 6, over 10000, that your time management is chaotic, or not in accordance with the implementation of the original plan to do.

simple summary of the site today, that is, the first eight months on the 1~2 site needs to do the following things:

1, the site is just on the line, the need to update the original content without intermission. Only the original constant, the search engine will be optimistic, will continue to collect new content to your site, continue to submit to the weight of your site. The contents of the two month update, if you can do the frequency of an update of 4 hours, the site will have a high weight.

2, seize the opportunity to update the chain. If you do not have money to buy links, need to update the external link. Due to the possible nature of weight of new sites get updated daily snapshot is relatively small, but when the site content is updated to meet the requirements, sometimes the snapshot, found that as long as this situation, should immediately take a snapshot of the new site and other exchange links. Although this may be a flicker of others, but this is necessary, you have to believe the potential of your site.

3, the site title must be set in the previous month, do not have any changes in the future. The title of the site is the theme of the site, if often change, it is likely that your hard work can not receive good returns.

4, do not spread too much external links. The new station in the early to walk too much external links, the most direct consequence is that into the sandbox, to give you the optimization more stumbling block.

5, the user experience of the site, including user interface design and user interface design. This is as early as possible to do these two points, in order to continue to accumulate visitors, to accumulate more effect!

6, with a combination of social tools to share, such as the site to add a shortcut to social tools, combined with Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia promotion, etc.

7, mail promotion, QQ promotion mode test >

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