Unknown micro quotient QQ space drainage those things

QQ is not just a chat software, it is an excellent tool to make money. Some people use space to write articles into millions; we do micro business can use space to make money. Is not afraid of deep alley, as long as the space content, it can attract more people. This is a slow process, unless you write articles not just to make money. Drainage method, today to analyze it in detail.

a, the source of space traffic

number of friends, as well as the degree of activity determines the spatial flow.

number of friends include: 1, a single friend, that is, how many people add you, you do not add others; the 2, two friends, you add others, others also add you. Ordinary QQ level of more than 48, up to 900 people. Annual fee of up to 2000 members. The more friends you have, the more likely you are to focus on your space.

in the computer login QQ, the system settings have a friend manager, you can view the recent active friends. Three months are not on-line friends, you can choose to delete, and its activity is too low, can not be your fans. These two factors determine the size of the space flow!

two, plus friends method

(1) manual plus friends: personally feel that the manual is the best mass software.

manually add 60 friends every day, a year down the 21600 friends. Manual plus, the best one minute plus one, or else will be limited. Since the media do, join a crowd of thousands of people, and then one by one group of people, usually very easy to be carried. This is to find the target population.

(2): flicker flicker is not derogatory here, refers to some methods to attract others to take the initiative to add your


a few days ago, the movie left Ergang show. Someone in the group said: who want to look at the left ear, private chat me…… QQ group is a good place for drainage, but a lot of people to send advertising shuabing. Smart people are good at attracting the attention of others, to show personal value, let others think you with great, would add you


(3) selfless help others: general people ask questions, you are honest answer. There will be a stranger to come to you.

three, how to improve the amount of space

(1): space dress such as open yellow diamond, you can easily set up the space layout, color. These details are important, a professional space, is very much to their own points.

(2) say: every day at least a hair 35, can quickly bring traffic. Every day to cover several important periods of the day. Talk about the contents of funny, chicken soup, the most popular. Or to launch a number of topics that can be interactive.

(3) log, durable breeding force: not necessarily original, you can select the best quality. The road of original creation is very slow

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