Spring Festival is not as strong as a year Super Bowl

in the entertainment content brings it more marketing value, the Spring Festival, double 11 party and Wang Jianlin who need to work harder.


super bowl is one of the most stable remaining channels." United States, Advertising Age magazine reporter Steinberg said.

, whose words probably represent the majority of advertisers who are still in the super bowl, the annual championship of the National Football League (NFL), have invested heavily. The fact is that in today’s world is broken into pieces by the Internet, the brand has been difficult to find a strong channel to satisfy them. But the super bowl is one of them.

super bowl every year is a global marketing event. This year is no exception, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Tide, Budweiser, Audi, Intel, Google, including all the major international brands are willing to $5 million price to get a 30 second ad.

from the brand effect, you can compare it to what is currently known as the "flow star", although expensive, but how much can be in a fierce environment to ensure the effect of.

the audience willing to watch ads on the Super Bowl in 2015, about 50% of the audience is directed at the Super Bowl advertising; this year, 53% of the audience said that if during the Super Bowl ad did not make them disappointed. "The Super Bowl Sunday: advertising, music and everything, in addition to football, this year the British" Guardian "for the title tells some truth, the super bowl is no longer just a game so simple, as the fragmentation of information in the world rare big show, it can live with the nation’s most popular star, also to make this country 1/3 1/2 to sit in front of the TV audience. This content and the scarcity of the brand so that its commercial value has not been reduced. Forbes’s latest estimates show that its brand value of $630 million, more than the sum of the Olympic Games and the world cup.

this is enough to give Wang Jianlin and other transformation of the real estate tycoons to inspire. Fosun Group had acquired the circus of the sun is also for investment logic so that in a market segment, it is not the opponent, this point enough to resist the impact of the mobile internet.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is indeed the most important media in this era. But they are good at spreading and attracting attention, but not good at producing such a big event.

Super Bowl represents a line of business outlet. Although the audience has been accustomed to separated and independent state, but they always need a reason to get together, in order to maintain the relationship between family members, and an unprecedented big show will become a standard. Fierce competition, interesting advertising and visual wonders of the halftime show and let people have a "common imagination", Lady Gaga hanging WIA foot drop from the clouds.

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