The largest European scouring transfer site defeat Europe was the Black Sea Amoy war upgrade

IT Times reporter Wang Xin

"home not on the morning of January 28th, paralyzed!", "lost in Europe" technician Mike weekdays and the same to the company, do not know to wait for his problem, not to the company website, tens of thousands of members can not log in, "see how big things!"

originally, as Europe’s largest scouring the sea transport company, defeated Europe website suffered a malicious hacker attacks, as of press time reporter, lost Europe, said the attack has not stopped. Such a massive hacker network attack for scouring the sea transport site, or the first time.

spent about one hundred thousand yuan malicious attacks

Li said that the first attack in January 28th from 1 in the morning, the company’s web server by hackers attack traffic, this is called network attacks of DDoS, through the large flow of data consumption and flood attack target bandwidth, server and firewall, thus causing the site completely paralyzed.

"every evening or early morning will be subject to similar attacks, each attack lasts for one to several hours, until February 2nd, we preliminary normal login recovery site and membership, but still did not stop hackers." Li said that since the establishment of their company has never been so large-scale cyber attacks, relying on its own technical strength simply can not deal with the site.

for this reason, defeated Europe specifically invited network security technology experts. Technical experts said, in the hands of many cases of DDoS attacks, but in the sea Amoy industry is the first encounter.

is a network security expert to "IT times" reporter said, because DDoS attacks need to spend huge funds, so less is used if the attack is individual hackers, malicious behavior with commercial purpose and motivation, then it belongs to the category of law. For example, the defeat of Europe was the size of the attack, a rough estimate of the cost of attack hackers spend more than 100 thousand yuan. In fact, many well-known domestic and even large financial websites have been such attacks, hackers often use the threat of attacks each other to achieve their own criminal intent, but are usually tall body, really rare in the sea Amoy start-up industry."

DDoS lies in the worst attack, attack traffic data criminals from all over the world package for the target, so that it is difficult to find the real source of the police attack, leading to the detection of such cases the rate is not high." The network security experts said.

is attacked every day, are numb,

Wang is a European sea Amoy users, like other millions of mom, her as his own daughter German sea Amoy milk, but since the end of January, she found "lost in Europe" can not login. "I feel very strange, how suddenly can not go up, just I have a batch of goods to be sent to the ‘defeated Europe’ warehouse." Ms. Wang after a few days can not log on to the site, I was worried that the site will not be running on the


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