The entrepreneurial story of campus blog

      in the winter of 2002, University of Science and Technology of China, a sophomore student not to study in the library, but before sitting in the library room in the computer, he was a novelty attracted — this is Blog. He strongly felt that this convenient, novel information release, the form of communication is worth promoting. Since the study of school students in senior to him with MT (Movable-Type) Blog set up, he began to study and gradually, the majority of people can have their own Blog, set up a Blog site service idea clear. Guo Xiaolei himself spent 200 yuan of money, buy a server and domain name, in 2002 December, so he put the Blogbus set up single-handed.

      almost at the same time, far away in Hangzhou, there is also a person who was shocked by the site demonstrated by students. At the graduate is still in the development of Hu Zhiguang junior Ji Hua website, influenced by the school head then flashes, he quickly called a friend, to form a group of three people. Ji Hualai technology, Hu Zhiguang will be another friend for operation and management, content management, November 2002, China was born. Initially, the three group is also their own money to hire a server, using their spare time to maintain the site. From the beginning, Hu Zhiguang did Blog just as fun, he vaguely felt that Blog is a promising business.

      Blogbus and Blogcn were developed for about a year after a great change has taken place. Blogbus is the only word of mouth, or up to thousands of registered users, but Blogbus is one of Guo Xiaolei purely for interest, which makes many problems difficult to solve. Thousands of registered users in his space capacity, but to buy a new server to ask for more money, a sophomore student, he not only no money, never want to make money with Blogbus; maintenance of the website to take him some time delayed his learning; Web site maintenance on him alone for nearly a year tired, the mood gradually down. Guo Xiaolei finally in September 2003 after posting a message, "you help me think about how to develop Blogbus, I’m tired, no mood improved, no money for a good server, no time to take care of……". Subsequently, Guo Xiaolei sold Blogbus when they have company warer the price of 5000 dollars, by him to continue Blogbus development. Although it is a pity, but without the burden of Guo Xiaolei feel relaxed a lot. Blogbus campus entrepreneurship comes to an end.

      in July 2003, Blogcn established the Hangzhou Blog Information Technology Co. Ltd. according to Hu Zhiguang operations plan registration. Although the company was founded

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