On the analysis of network marketing strategies and methods

now has bid farewell to the era of marketing good wine is not afraid of the dark alley, but also to promote good wine, in other words, is the network marketing to achieve the effect of icing on the cake, wine is a fascinating piece of brocade cloth, but the network marketing is to add the brocade cloth flowers, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales! And website content and user experience is the equivalent of this wine, how to sell this wine, it should be through the network marketing strategy! Let the author talk about how to build a network marketing strategy of the

effect is very good!

1: determine the purpose of promotion

for the network marketing to promote the products will be tens of thousands of one thing, which is always the same, that is to know what is the purpose of promotion, in order to increase website traffic? Or registration, volume or reputation and brand promotion and so on, require different methods of different orders, if only you in order to enhance the flow through the forum or blog article to advertise on the line, but the reputation and brand promotion, it needs more promotion means, such as TV media, soft news and so on! Different promotion purpose requires corresponding promotion methods to support


two: clear target customers and look for

when we have a clear goal to promote, then naturally to find your target user, the object of promotion is not the natural user, user promotion is meaningless, so how to find their own promotion users? Good method usually is through the search engine to find, such as through the input of long tail keywords to determine the user often go to places, and those people will search for these long tail keywords, and these words is the need to promote products or the target, in addition to find these potential users more accurate classification, for example, can bring you the flow of users; bring content publishing information of the user; bring word of mouth the user; enhance the brand image of the user; and is able to directly into the sales of


three: analyze the characteristics of different users

according to the purpose of promotion, and to find the basic features will promote the user in the analysis, such as the age of these people? Culture? Or occupation area and access time and so on, according to the specific characteristics, to promote the content to the user to send different, such targeted promotion of nature can be more easily let these users accept, you want to turn into the flow or volume of

and so on!

four: convert users to your marketing goals

can achieve the goal of network marketing is the most important factor is able to put enough users into the actual purpose of your needs, through the above analysis of potential users, according to the different characteristics of the user’s targeted promotion, in the promotion process should be user centric, rather than to you your goal as the center, to think of the needs of users, and provide them with practical help to.

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