E parking million yuan financing domain name was iboche.com

renamed China (eName.cn) September 28th news, now for most families, the car is no longer what is difficult for the convenience of parking, but has evolved into a new problem. E parking as a way to provide a total solution for the wisdom of the parking lot APP, it is reported that in September this year, nearly ten million Angel round of financing, the official website domain name enabled iboche.com.


figure: e parking official website


"e Park" is a master of computer science and engineering Tsinghua University Chen Cheng, the APP has officially launched this year, two-dimensional code reverse searching cars, temporary parking, monthly payment, wrong when sharing parking, vehicle theft, parking and other function reservation. Its official website enables the combination of domain name iboche.com some people scratching their heads, why not eboche.com?

according to the whois query, the relevant domain name eboche.com registered in 2012, is currently being held by a company called Beijing card Polytron Technologies Inc. The iboche.com can be understood as love parking, the domain name and the number of parking e brand image a little conflict. Domain name is the facade, with the growth of enterprises, e parking or the acquisition of eboche.com or other more appropriate domain name.

last year, in the global APP development of the national championship finals, e parking runner up. At present, e parking has been working with a number of large shopping malls, office buildings and residential property companies in Chengdu to provide maximum convenience for their users. In the future, e parking will promote Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities with large car ownership. Such a clear development plan for enterprises to obtain financing also means a good start. But in the domain name also had to spend some thought.

e Internet era to make a variety of products are hung on the title to feel e "walk in the front of the times, (edaibo.com) e, e-generation Bo Bao (ezubo.com), rent e pet Mall (epet.com), e city (edushi.com) etc.. No matter what kind of industry, in the domain name on the choice we all have in common, is the appropriate brand.

had to say that human wisdom is really no limit, in this era of open hole, only you can not think, no you can not do. Parking, parking is easy to download a e fix; buy all disease "? Fan (funwear.com) outfit, shopping in one step; the hungry don’t call Mom, called the hungry (ele.me); even if you now get awful, there are Microsoft Wheatgrass (msxiaoice.com) and chat with you. Fresh and creative domain name is undoubtedly more loved by such terminals.

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