The difference and accuracy of new media breakout

          network, mobile phone as the representative of the development of new media, the traditional media has brought great. However, a few years down, although the new media to some extent share the cake of traditional media, but the focus is still in the traditional media advertising. In addition to a small number of platforms such as Sina, how to survive, development is one of the more new media platform to consider one of the issues.

          for a large number of new media platforms, the current mode of operation has roughly, large and full model. Taking the slogan as "the new media pioneer deserved by the traditional media industry" in Shanghai. SMG’s total of four large new media business: business online audiovisual services business, Oriental Broadband Digital TV and high-definition television SMG interaction, operating IPTV bestv and operating mobile phone TV dongfanglong. And digital TV, mobile phone TV, broadband and IPTV etc, all have a series of actions; in addition, there is a single mode, mobile phone media, including IPTV, digital TV, mobile TV, blogs, podcasts and other types; ICP+SP+CP model, this model is mainly through SP enrichment, as well as traditional media interactive content increased after "pseudo new media" mode.  

        the author believes that the new media to make a difference, we must break through the original inertia of thinking.    

          do not want to be large and full, to find their own main points. From the operation mode of the "super girl" as the climax, many new media company superstition through television, Internet and mobile phone interaction in a triple play, so that more people began to covet the size of all, all the monopoly profit model. Although the new media has brought a fundamental change in the pattern of earnings, however, facing the trend of triple play, for new media, there are still a series of problems such as: the brand is not completely formed, the homogeneity of the products, the content of the new media people lack of integrity, do not think that it is a strong media. So to build a true triple play model, to achieve the integration of the brand + content + channels, is not so easy. Each company according to their specific reality, to find their main points.

        in addition, the new media do not put themselves as the antithesis of the old media, to complement each other. Do not directly compare the new media with the old media, but from the point of view of the supplement, focusing on the effect of the reaction media.

        solid new media company should also do their own content, not instant success. The new media investment is much larger than the print media, a Sina at least a few hundred million to do so, then a lot of people imitate Sina, >

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