Daily topics one year after the ban to shake hands and Microsoft wheatgrass return to the WeChat pla

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network August 21st news yesterday, Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Academy in Beijing released a virtual robot of artificial intelligence partner of Microsoft’s third generation of wheatgrass, and that has a partnership with WeChat, wheatgrass will return to the WeChat platform.

It is reported that

, the third generation Microsoft wheatgrass WeChat platform will appear to the public, the third generation of Wheatgrass will be the integration of artificial intelligence, image and speech recognition technology Microsoft number of the world’s leading, the wheatgrass public number outside the original long term emotional dialogue ability, can see and hear and can say new artificial intelligent sensory.

According to Microsoft

‘s description, the third generation Microsoft wheatgrass black technology is not only able to identify the image, also can according to artificial intelligence judgment, choose to focus her attention, to achieve recognition of any image, and give the evaluation beyond semantics. In the voice assistant function, Microsoft gave up the news broadcast of the dull tone, using a voice with emotional changes.

in addition, Microsoft also opened a free business number. Public number special operations, and the high cost of interaction with the user, without the need to set up a lack of interaction." Faced with this problem, in addition to Microsoft yesterday for individuals in the WeChat line wheatgrass, also opened a third party service number and subscription number adoption channels, and declared permanently free.

Microsoft disclosed, Microsoft wheatgrass has covered 40 million users in Japan in the past year, the billions of times the level of man-machine dialogue, positive cycle has entered the robot self evolution, and to include Windows10, micro-blog, PC and other Jingdong and mobile Internet platform.

said Microsoft, the new generation of WeChat Microsoft wheatgrass will fully comply with the WeChat platform unified standard and user experience. Because had repeatedly appeared out of control in the outbreak of social media wheatgrass growth, the return of the WeChat platform, in order to ensure the stable and orderly development, Microsoft is only limited open some public places, say the password to the beta version of the WeChat wheatgrass, will be able to unlock the public conversation.

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