P2P net loan in chain crisis the rights of investors and confused

"now is the speed of a day out." Shanghai P2P net loan investors Wu Tong (a pseudonym) laments, I put the money scattered on a number of platforms, the results of most of the accident."

Phoenix said, is the experience at P2P platform runs. Following the P2P platform last month after the wave, after November, finance investment, house loan, credit universe, venture capital, Baofeng Pengcheng copper loans, loans and many other P2P net loan platform for cash payment difficulties, and these problems P2P have a higher expected rate of return, the investment threshold is low in common.

, according to an investigation by reporters, the current proliferation of P2P payment storm, in addition to someone else P2P operation itself there are problems, but also with the net loan group model and part of the investors scattered investment related. At the same time, there are also mutual borrowing phenomenon between the part of the P2P platform, and these problems have led to a run on many P2P platform "chain reaction".

at the same time, the aforementioned P2P platform in response to the payment crisis has also taken a different strategy, while part of the P2P platform to stop operations and payment has been reported due to investors and the public security department investigation.

at present, most investors gathered in the online and offline platform to carry out rights issues. Due to the lack of corresponding supervision departments and regulations, some investors are confused rights way.


to deal with emergency

this month, reporters found that the number of P2P companies run into or payment difficulties, and these platforms have also announced through the solution, suspended or deferred repayment, limit withdrawals, discounted debt and other ways to deal with.

among them, some of the P2P platform has chosen to negotiate a settlement with investors. October 21st, is located in Changzhou City, a new district called Hui Bao credit P2P platform appears difficult to mention. And in November 5th, the platform issued an apology to investors announcement that the platform will bear all the principal investors, will be divided into 5-6 months to pay off.

"we are afraid of him to yourselves, he started in the group promised to solve the problem within 2-3 days after no letter." Huibao credit investors Hu Fan (pseudonym) said, "then the scene went to investors, he said that every household issued notice to the 2000, the first day to the twenty people, from the beginning of 21 A total of only less than 200 thousand."

business information, the exchange of credit legal representative for Shi Xingguo, registered capital of 5 million. According to Hu, who revealed that the stone for the country after 80, only 25 years old, in Hangzhou, a company called love Loan Network P2P company.

coincidentally, November 4th, Hui Huang wealth to reach a solution, for representative debt collection problems and investors also announced on the same day, Baofeng venture capital investors to cash settlement plan, and that the amount of 10 thousand yuan in the account can not directly reflect the continued investment "; the next day, another.

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