Happy new Taobao three days Google rankings home promotion skills

Hunan satellite TV cooperation and taobao.com show more Amoy more fun — Taobao has been happy on the evening of April 18th the first phase of the launch, before the media and network publicity is very hot, the word Baidu index find happy Taobao index is very high, so in early April when I want to do a test on this keyword effect a website under the SEO anchor text inside and outside chain; think immediately executed. The site has done a good job of domain names are also applied to those who have the technology is very fast. The domain name is the main record for a period of time to wait, my domain name is passed in April 14th. When the site is uploaded to the server, the next is the most important part of the website promotion.

think as expected, this station is mainly based on the Taobao keyword do happy, because is the new sites, many stations are not as I do not link, because the search engine included a website weight of others is certainly influential this also behoove, before I checked a lot of information about SEO on the Internet there are so many kinds of argument, see themselves confused. But only after I have summed up several important conclusions.

a, SEO is best to start from the new station

because of the new station, such as newborn babies, just born what has not done, so the search engine to give you the opportunity is relatively large. Instead of doing a long standing before you do not know how to SEO and contrary to the rules of the engine will be a little bit of a loss, but also for their own stations do not want to touch the small black spots.

two, the new site is best not to do with the site content is not related to the site

why do you say that in real life you will find the answer if you pay attention to it?. For example: a market, all shops are selling only a class of products, then the market must have a very high popularity. I also follow this principle of the new site, just started in the relevant content of the forum made a few links.

three, linking skills and quantity

this is the most important, I believe SEO experts will agree.

take my new station happy Taobao for example, the main word is "happy Taobao", no one to me because there is no link, can only think of ways.

1 every day I create 2 blog, blog content like my website content, add anchor text in Links inside, this is called the chain; day 8 blog posts, including the contents of the words to my home and happy Taobao. The number of posts can not be more, just started every day on the line)

2 every day I write a few posts on the relevant content of the forum, but there must be personalized signature related forums can do anchor text link, the content inside can add links if you add a keyword anchor text.

3 I made a home page update drive, every day with the new 3-6 article, not much, the content of the same content with my website, the same is for the happy Taobao this off

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