From to Bitch to low by force, 70 articles earned nearly a million fans with Mongolia what

Abstract: microphone Mongolia the shape of their image has several distinctive label, cooking good chowhound, stout, funny than the serial entrepreneur, the mother of his child, anthomaniac, screenwriter


‘s got a fire. From "to Bitch: what do I want to help you", "to low force: I am not too high-profile, but your glass heart" of the two articles began to hear her attention to her, now her article, name appears frequently in my circle of friends.

she in how to write the amount of Reading 1 million + WeChat burst article, a text, said the public number of fans wrote for 2 months in, then in November 26th.

since September 15th issued the first article by the end of December, Amy Mongolia made a total of 70 articles, article reading 100 thousand +, some super million.

is not to say that the number of WeChat population bonus period has passed, it is difficult to create a new


4 months, the article of the 70, what did she write? Let her circle of friends fame?

even if the phenomenon is difficult to imitate, but there are some worthy of our learning method?

"what did you write? Look at the picture above, you can see for yourself"

September 9


October 15


November 23


December 23


what does it feel like to watch


is "Wow! You want to open the title to see", or "ah, forget what you have just read".

the type of article is still relatively concentrated, good identification, I am divided into 3 categories, emotional text, film review, self shaping.


released last year, official data showed that the emotion is a category of the most attention. It is often written on emotion, 70 articles, there are 52 articles are emotional, mainly divided into 2 series, feelings and feelings.

to give a few examples

feelings of view (bright point of resonance):

"what is the biggest contradiction between husband and wife? Class!"

"for men pay? The bottom line is: you have to lose"

"the most advanced fuel is romantic,"


"as long as the former laosibuxiangwanglai, the world will become a better human"

emotional Q & A (looking for the majority of people interested in the topic, triggering curiosity and thinking):

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