How to improve the conversion rate of Taobao shop

shop owners in Taobao have a lot of confusion, or the store traffic is too small, or someone traffic, turnover ratio is not high, or the problem is not high profits. This section is mainly to share with you how to improve the conversion rate of Taobao shop to buy.

we look at a formula, sales = flow * purchase conversion rate.

flow ascension we will not say more, such as buying advertising ah, in the forum, Taobao recommendation and so on the way to flow.

so when we spend a lot of money and time cost, if we do not have a good flow to do a successful conversion into sales, it is too wasteful.

conversion rate conversion method is the purchase of UPV/ turnover pen.

you have opened a shop in the shop to send friends know, Taobao shop background can see a set of data, the store’s IPV number is the number of independent IP shop. UPV is the number of independent users to the store, can be calculated in the background extraction. Taobao C shop has 218 stores, B shop 1. 7 thousand. Each shop experience and uneven time, the average conversion rate of 1%. This means that when your store has 1000 users to browse the store, then there are only 10 people will be born to buy, if the average price of your product at $80, then you only have a turnover of 800 per day turnover. That is equal to the contribution value of each user (independent UV) is 0. 8 yuan. This promotion costs, simply put your product profit margin in 70%, you cited the flow of the promotion cost of CPC must be controlled at 0. 3 yuan can barely flat. Extended CPC cost control at 0. 3 yuan, whether it is Taobao or the entire Internet industry, are just playing well in the enterprise can do to get 20%. To improve the conversion rate of the following methods:

1, the overall decoration of the store.

when a lot of people in the decoration of the shop, in accordance with the brand of beauty to decorate the store, do a great artistic conception and very deep. This shop is actually used to manufacturers to showcase the brand, to achieve sales transformation is very difficult, because the user is very clear in the online shopping time of purpose, he was into your shop, is interested in your product, so when you store decoration, must pay attention to three direction. A shop recruit. The shop is mainly used to show the location, shop signs do not need too loud you only need to tell the user is you do what you can, so many users even if this time not to buy your product, he want to buy such products, your position clear, will let him back or favorites. This is also to pave the way for future transformation. B shop product categories. I feel many stores in the product, can according to their own aesthetic idea to classification, such as a selling electrical appliances, in the classification, he will put some more fashionable product appearance red named after lifestyle series. But from the user’s point of view, there are a lot of things in the life of freehand brushwork, failed to clearly and explicitly tell the user

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