Analysis on the marketing transformation of medical websites






The arrival of the era of

e-commerce, to a large number of industries to bring a new leap. With the progress of the society, people are increasingly playing the network, and it is precisely because of the huge network space, so we began to look for potential resources in the network. I do medical network marketing has been almost 3 years, in these three years, I learned a lot, and I’m here today, I just want to introduce in this three years transformation for medical website marketing to make some introduction. Of course, this is only a few of my personal perception, although I introduce only medical related, but other industries can also see some of the essence of things. Below, I will formally introduce the transformation of medical website marketing related issues.

1, site positioning:

a site location from the most direct purpose, everyone do is have their own ideas, or interest or money, there are many, but medical site location is not the same, I personally feel that there are three points: one is the effect of word of mouth, two is the direct business information, three comprehensive health platform. The first point is a concept of what it is to do the brand, to promote their own corporate culture and characteristics. The second point is directly related to the majority of friends of the question, to the targeted customer service, to solve their problems. The third point is a healthy platform, that is to say, this is a comprehensive thing, both to promote the reputation and answer questions to provide services, but these are often the most difficult to do third. And we do medical transformation, we must take into account these three points, because these three points are directly related to the smooth flow of communication between our customers.

2, website planning:

site planning, this is a place we are not unfamiliar, why there is a direct relationship with the transformation of medical planning? I just remind friends, site planning means that your heart needs to do a website positioning model, you must first give your site to the absolute, then put the whole frame site planning, site planning, but it is very difficult to do, why the website regularly need revision, not only because the user search and the network itself is more volatile, because you do not consider the whole week, so that led to the emergence of revision. Site planning also needs to be based on the user’s habits, which is the transformation.

3, website construction:

website, which is like a computer hardware. If your hardware is not good, even if some people often pay attention to you, but your rough will only make people far view, but not close to you to understand. In medical treatment, the construction site is very important, because it is directly related to a user preferences for your website itself, we must grasp several factors: one is to hold a public authority of two is to seize a collocation of color. From first

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