love the mule how to use Baidu know promotion Taobao customers

is currently a lot of people are using Baidu to know to do the promotion Taobao customers, but most of the promotion effect is not ideal, this is why? Let’s examine, I present observations, promotion of Baidu know roughly divided into several types, with "acne products" as an example we analyze.

a direct link with the form of


could not find the problem due to the promotion of the link, I just found a Taobao seller, is the same reason, put yourself to consider the user’s point of view, just copy the words over the Internet, and then add a link, the user will want to know how? Everyone is advertising, who is now disgusted, to see advertising links, are directly off the page.

two, no links, guide users to enter the domain name promotion




This three

example, can see the same point is obvious, direct write advertising information visible, but no link, this may be due to more stringent audit links to Baidu, perhaps they thought that directly link the effect is not good, in fact, the direct link appears not what difference, similarly, users see that is advertising information.

three, does not appear obvious advertising information


this is a relatively successful case, we point to point analysis.

Baidu know promotion all know

, most of the promotion is online to copy a paragraph, then add the advertising information, the reader can now go to Baidu know is the present situation, why this method not? Let us think, a need for acne, he has done dozens of hundreds of times thing what is it? Is everywhere on the Internet looking for acne, if you do not believe, can have a long acne ask people around you, anti acne method and tips online appeared what, they almost certainly have seen, so when you spread on the web looking for replication some acne what they came to see that this is a copy of a copy of the information, plus a very prominent advertising, the ending is destined to fail, the above example is Do a good job, this text is a real experience.

We consider the

, acne is actually very difficult to treat, really understand people know all the advertising information and the entire Baidu know almost all said what products are very effective, with a good, long acne people to see that this is a fake, but on the surface of this example is to do very good, beginning to persuade others do not use acne products, this would shorten >

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