Ali was ridiculed as selling supplies Jingdong to do industrial products

news September 13th, billion state power network that before the Jingdong enterprise purchase channel line revision page, the revision, it is reported that this is the first Jingdong hardware and electrical products integrated into two kinds of proprietary section.

billion state power network has learned, the new commodity, hardware category is placed in the home building materials section, which includes: instrumentation, locks, hardware, household appliances, electric tools, manual measurement tools, PPE, toolbox / package / car.

including the brand has the right, STANLEY, BOSCH, etc.. In addition, Jingdong channel also increased the purchase of supermarket stores, office furniture, automotive supplies and other commodities.


Jingdong buy Hardware Tools section screenshot

addition, home building materials section also added the electrical category, including switch socket, intelligent Home Furnishing, distribution box, wire and cable, socket and other categories. Including the brand Schneider, West Germany, ABB, SIEMENS, etc..

according to the new category of goods display links, its products mainly from various brands in the Jingdong’s flagship stores or franchise stores, the increase is not focusing on the new product category, but the store links to the corresponding category under integration.

public information, Jingdong enterprise channel in 2014 on-line operations, and launched a "sunshine cloud" strategy, also released the "wisdom mining", "Hui" and "cloud" three enterprise business procurement platform. Among them, Zhicai internal procurement system platform and enterprise realize the goods, orders, inventory, logistics and other services docking interface; Hui Mining Platform for no self purchase management system of the enterprise, which can use this platform to manage the budget and purchasing decision; cloud mining platform is a comprehensive electric business service platform, through the analysis of the data. The provision of goods procurement plan, information dissemination and exchange services for enterprises.

2015, Jingdong launched the office through, integration and music through the three scene products. The office for business office procurement requirements, help enterprise to solve the contradiction between the budget management headquarters and regional decentralized procurement, implementation of one-stop purchasing; purchasing for prizexpress marketing, can help enterprises to build integral mall, for a variety of payment provider points mall, delivery of goods; Lecai is to meet the enterprise employee welfare purchasing needs, to help companies build employee welfare system.

April 2016, Jingdong released a business class for the enterprise market, brand and service strategy, designed to achieve the innovation and upgrading of the electricity market landscape. In addition, the Jingdong will be renamed the big customer Jingdong business.

launched in July of the same year, wing mining platform, through the Punch-out Catalog technology and EDI Order technology, open and ERP private cloud platform connection and integration, the Jingdong’s enterprise procurement into customer > page

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