Taobao created a new anti Taobao union naked event marketing


crazy, many sellers crazy, but there are people in the middle secretly smiled, not to say the anti Taobao incident was a true event marketing, why say, road to listen to me slowly.

said Taobao why new regulations? Taobao out of the new regulations, raise the price of the purpose is very simple, is to abandon part of small sellers, why, because now the quality of Taobao mall more and more low, so Taobao wants to improve the quality of products and services mall. You do not see, and now the mall complaints much more than the original, so Taobao platform to change, and change the way is very simple, is to use money as a standard, with the market economy as a lever.

, of course, any issued new regulations are bloody, which in any dynasty, issued any new regulations will happen. Taobao, although the starting point is good, but do not take into account the strong rebound in small sellers, not to publish new regulations with warm boiled frog, which caused the innumerable small sellers use Taobao as the loopholes in the rules approach to blackmail Taobao, even sell the home to the headquarters of Taobao banner.

stood in the small sellers perspective, in fact, some anti Taobao’s behavior is understandable, but to attack other sellers as bargaining chips and Taobao behavior is people despised. Each store has its own unique marketing practices, Taobao new regulations, big sellers is also affected, although the impact will be relatively small, but the seller is also paid the money and sweat to run. If today, Taobao can yield to attack the sellers of such behavior, then tomorrow will have other people to follow it, to let the small sellers yield, as long as you support cash on delivery, as long as you support no reason to return.

attacks Taobao for It is as expected, small sellers quickly responded, malicious shopping score and return, not included in the Taobao scoring rules, even if it is malicious click on the Taobao train, will also return the money back to the customer. So, in fact, the day of the attack is useless.

As for why

said the anti Taobao is a true event marketing? In the entire incident, in fact or to see some of the. A number of large shopping malls, there is always a time in the article inside, and before this, it is estimated that a lot of people do not know, but also in the YY voice, there will be some of the same figure to illustrate what. As a result, those large sellers on the use of small sellers such anti Taobao behavior, to their own brand of shopping malls more deeply to the attention of many people.

although, this time to participate in the attack of thousands of people, but the attention of the whole event is a lot of people, then, the mall is so numerous media, countless people remember. In the end, the benefit of nature is the seller. Small and medium-sized sellers, in the event, that is just a wedding dress for others to do things. Finally, the Taobao, the loss of time and money, to the thing itself >