O2O service door massage vertical market how to make flowers

to take the Internet as the carrier, emerging consumer online and offline interaction is booming." In this year’s two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report for the O2O service position, so that people living in the O2O industry is very excited.

in the past one or two years, with the development of Internet and mobile Internet, O2O service has infiltrated the daily lives of people to get in by every opening, such as catering, housekeeping, O2O O2O O2O, O2O medical taxi and so on, almost all services in O2O. O2O seems to be overnight Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River.

in a number of industries, home massage this more subdivision of the service industry is also experiencing the O2O of the industry, alone in terms of Beijing, home massage class O2O startups up to more than and 20.

visited Sina Technology day before, point to point, Kung Fu bear, Hua Tuo hand and a number of enterprises, to see how they massage in this O2O market segments to make a pattern.

why choose massage

O2O of many industries, but in the massage the vertical market, these entrepreneurs have the same story. In their choice of the market, actually has the same criteria.

point is one of the entrepreneurial team into the door massage O2O Beijing. Point to the CEO segment on Sina Technology Ke before the interview, when he hit a lot of choice when screening project, in consideration of the improvement of market prospects, the efficiency of space, door-to-door service frequency, is convenient door and other factors, finally chose the massage in this category.

other door-to-door service, beauty industry and domestic services are more fire, but our own business started relatively late, other companies also get a large amount of financing, in contrast, we do not have too many advantages to fight them." Duan Ke said, but compared to the United States and domestic services, home massage is also a good industry. This is a high frequency of demand (7 to 10 days), customer price (price of 128, 158) is good, the user also has the acceptance of the industry."

Kung Fu bear almost at the same time before and after the establishment of the point, and its CEO Wang Run in his choice of home massage as a field of entrepreneurship, but also focuses on the service frequency and customer price of these two core indicators.

"in the end what industry more appropriate? According to the logic, be sure to do a high demand of products, once in a lifetime wedding, small field tattoos are not appropriate; taxi, delivery service for the day, the frequency is very high, but there have been many enterprises in Manicure; the frequency of at least 3 weeks, and massage for 1 weeks."

due to the customer price is still high enough, and the service can be rapid expansion, Kung Fu CEO Wang Run said to Sina Technology, which allows him to give up the home economics, car washing and other fields. "In this way, massage