Shanghai Longfeng fast ranking exclusive secret

let me give you a detailed explanation of the core steps and core algorithm of fast ranking click algorithm. In accordance with the normal click, generally have four processes, now I give you explain every step of the process of operation and attention to detail.

when I put this two kinds of technical secret, I believe it will let many people see today this kind of fast scheduling technology, of course, will undoubtedly do some fast scheduling orders of the team. For me, make a quick row for a year, if you want to say back fast scheduling technology can quickly return to 2012, when the ranking is much simpler than it is now, just like the previous search engine is now so intelligent. No matter what you do, there will be a positive and negative, so also do a quick row, I can describe fast ranking by saying. Fast row is like a drug, is born, stop dead. The feeling that a bunch of useless crap, in order not to let this article become the title of the party, we directly into the topic. First, let’s talk about the first fast scheduling technology – click ranking.

First, traffic entrance

through last year out of the fast row team, do a lot of Shanghai dragon will be less know something about the way the brush click ranking. So many people will go with some cross point group, some people cross point rankings, some ranking decline, so in the end is what triggers the search engine ranking mechanism will lead to such a situation? The reason is very simple, a lot of people do not know each other at the latest click on the search engine ranking algorithm, the so-called click process, if the process used properly, so your ranking general basically can rise.


I believe a lot of

fast ranking, as the name suggests, is to use some features of search engine optimization of the site to optimize the operation of special purpose, reached the rank rises quickly in a short period of time. It is also a I often visit a blog or forum Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon er. Have seen many of the so-called fast ranking articles, including Lu Songsong’s blog at least not less than 10 pieces of similar articles. But when each of you after reading will feel ready to accept either course but also feeling a little harvest, the taste of the title of the party, and even some articles with what quality the meeting came out of order. I will give you the most comprehensive domestic latest two fast ranking technology today.

what is the traffic entrance? Will generally have the following points, such as the browser (360, Sogou) selection, navigation site (123, 2345), enter the PC client or mobile terminal access. This is the first step to fast ranking, some people will ask why this is traffic entrance, we think about it, the real users to enter the site through the keyword is certainly a number of channels in multiple entrance, so a lot of people do when ranking with a fast browser with a computer access. Even if you switch your IP.

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