Beat shoes Network innovative business model alone industry market structure

with the development of the Internet, marketing has been closely linked with the network together. The Internet is a very high degree of transparency of the industry, so the replication of competitive strategy is relatively high. Statistics show that in 2009 China’s online shopping transactions reached 248 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of nearly 94%, showing blowout, this electronic commerce still achieve upstream. At present, the number of e-commerce sites has reached 1.56, more than 50% of enterprises set up e-commerce sites. When the products are in high degree of homogeneity, only the power of capital and ultimately affect the overall situation, not the winner is the last laugh, only one side of the block First impressions are strongest market pattern.

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electronic commerce low threshold, many entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial team had a dream stage, more and more entrepreneurs in that huge potential network market, began to choose electronic commerce as the direction of entrepreneurship. The shopping website is becoming more competitive,, Amazon, Jingdong, Taobao mall mall, Eslite, red kids and so on a company and a large B2C site separatist warlords. Making shoes is a shoe shopping site, set off in the hard-edged after a new round of the B2C revolution, cause the great attention. The development of the business model to become the protagonist on the future development of e-commerce business model topic in the recently held "NPC and CPPCC", making shoes is the largest and most visited, the highest degree of specialization of making shoes, so it is with what kind of business model to make these achievements.

is a simple business model is more successful business model, making shoes to become an independent school brand, creative personality, and entertainment in a body, to meet the individual needs of consumers, in the white-collar group, Indoorsman Indoorswoman and the circle of young people has been warmly sought, and get the affirmation of the market. Consumers do not plunge into the time-consuming hard to find, no more than three goods, do not have to worry about the quality of these products and so on in the upset things making shoes all simplify. Do not worry about the price, the quality of fear, worry about the service, the network can easily capture shoes, the price is absolutely the lowest, the quality is absolutely the best, the service is absolutely satisfactory. Will let users look forward to the next goods every day, watching the day auction to add a lot of fun for life.

making shoes and domestic shoe businesses together with business ideas every day several special offer quality items full of personality and quickly occupied the market, eliminating the intermediate links, great cost savings. Have a perfect service and logistics system. Stimulate the customer to maximize the desire to buy, take worthy tennis shoes is the largest brand shoes online sales square, because only it so that consumers get the most tangible benefits.

e-commerce companies to achieve profitability is not a problem, but the current e-commerce companies, the scale is higher than the profit. Now the traditional enterprises generally use the network as a tool, the e-commerce website as a display platform without the sales function. Although the traditional enterprise e-commerce website as a tool but not essential. "