How to tap the effective aliexpress long tail keywords

tonight and share with you.

is divided:

results are derived as below:

third: open the Excel, open the txt file in Excel, and the | (vertical bar), as shown in figure

I had just done, see many official video and other master skills, practice the method of keyword mining speed sold there are many, for example:

: all the keywords derived as TXT file

4, by chance, in the forum to see a tool (free of charge, and constantly upgrade), down to good, with the test 1 weeks on the P4P cloth words have obvious effect, now share out.

Second step



electricity supplier knows operation is the key words, "key persons in the world". The popular keyword category of each industry and then to dozens, and the big seller competition those rare keywords resources, investment is too large, not small sellers can afford, therefore, must be in the long tail keywords efforts. How is that as much as possible to choose long tail keywords

The third step: The first step: open the

finishing Excel file, my method is to – xxxxx —- the delete, then you do not want to include the words, such as the mobile phone shell, but do not want to appear in the search words machine, printer, through the excel in search of these words find him. And delete. >

2, through the combination of key tools, namely to 3 words, and then through the A+B+C combination, generate keywords. Advantages: large number, wide coverage, the disadvantage is perhaps decades many words are not going to search to the customer.


keyword tool, input you think popular keywords in the keyword box

3, through the long tail word tool fees, to search about nobility baby: long tail keyword, there will be a lot of foreigners paid service, I have to spend money to buy a service, found that these words apply to independent site promotion, the platform there are not from the heart, after all, platform and noble baby rule is still somewhat different.

1, through aliexpress background data and -> search word analysis, find the key words. Advantages: data sufficient, search popularity, search index, click rate, conversion rate and so on, is to discover the shortcomings of popular keywords is quite powerful, but to explore the long tail keywords, only…… "Oh".



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