Shanghai love education and trade and products of collective offline businesses how to deal with

then, I searched in love sea, really did not find.

still remember in May 25th to share a love of Shanghai to promote a reduction, how to deal with the article? To speak of love education in Shanghai, the paper products trade. On June 7th, Shanghai has to love their products collective offline.



as my own operating account, beginning not improve keywords price, found the show and click on the amount of sag. When I raise prices, after the corresponding change, also ranked in 3-4.


, with mobile search

but I found malicious click too much, by viewing my account June 6th free filtered clicks is 225 times, don’t know, a look also jump. Too many invalid and malicious clicks, if this continues, for the enterprise, is a great loss.

love Shanghai PC commercial intimate product line notification

as the enterprise, in the face of advertising is limited, if you want to continue to put in, it would need to increase the budget. The cost increase is self-evident, as an article online broke the promotion to reduce costs soared 3.5 times.


if your business budget is enough, it may increase the budget that occupy a space for one person.

suggested that, when the enterprises put love Shanghai advertising, good shielding strategy, select the appropriate keywords, if a keyword is too large and rewarding consumption is very low, the word can be suspended.

love PC Shanghai commercial intimate product line notification: intimate commercial promotion and promotion are phoenix nest deep integration and upgrading of products. Affected by this, PC card and PC commercial intimate intimate commercial promotion middle page in June 6, 2016 off the assembly line. Reach: the whole industry good customer.

still needs a lot of mining, and differentiated marketing.

about love Shanghai promotion reduce the cost and increase the news

not only increased costs, will also exist more malicious click, click on the occurrence of such peers.

love Shanghai the integration and upgrading of products, for the enterprise, at present put love Shanghai products only the most common knowledge search marketing, love Shanghai.

what to do next?

if your budget is not sufficient, it will do fine marketing promotion, in the bidding at the same time, make corresponding strategies. Don’t simply raise prices, also from the IP screen, creative writing, so as to improve keyword screening.

will have what effect?

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