Discussion on the function of website news, top, foot of Shanghai Dragon

we all know the title, keywords and description of the importance of Shanghai dragon, may pay little attention to news list, you can think carefully, most of the site is not news list? Whether it is technical articles, or vice navigation, or the latest developments, are in the form of news. Among the more than a page, but the page list is particularly important, because the first page of the weight influence, important position is also home, or list of information processing, directly affect the site’s ranking, so it is not too much to say, I talk about how to deal with the following refinement, let search engine of love, more reasonable.

second: home information content, this is very important, especially the frequently updated website, it is even more important, is the largest home place, of course, link weight everywhere is also high, it is easy to get ranked, so to provide us a good place to do the long tail keywords, this place well, will make the traffic doubled, I will also do some less fire words sometimes, ranking is also good.


: even the first news list, is to separate the primary and secondary, the main course is front page news, because his position at the top, can cause the attention of search engines, especially the latest developments in the face, usually in the upper left, must appear keywords, keywords may be added not too smooth, so we have to think of ways, I was in front of this general treatment is the information classification, followed by content, such as a news website [] – Harbin virtual design for the website you calm down, if the next Shanghai dragon, it is Shanghai Dragon – the [] the form, click on the Shanghai dragon can also enter the corresponding classification, thus increasing the density, I also recommend that can modify the color and select the bold title, best can customize the chain Then, the general blog program can, it is more beneficial to the keyword and modify the color, in fact, link address is the website optimization of heavy, he is reasonable or not directly affect the weight transfer to the next page.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web site design, has been busy in some things and server business, rarely write what, not what to write an article on the front page of some of the details of the deal today, we want to help, in fact do Shanghai dragon is the key treatment site details the details of the deal, will directly affect the site’s ranking, as well as the ranking is stable, a few days ago wrote "action" on the company website home page of Shanghai dragon, this blog is mainly introduced in the role of profile home company of Shanghai dragon, after a lot of people ask me about the optimization, in fact Shanghai dragon in home treatment is the key, is that a few places, some other places are out and share with you today, and Hope to help novice.

above is the list of news to note, left to say is.

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