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Li Kaifu and his innovation workshop. Although the Innovation workshop was established in 2009, Li Kaifu’s circle actually came from shlf1314. This is not only reflected in the founding of the founder of the workshop from shlf1314, and then cast many entrepreneurs, but also from shlf1314 and other well-known multinational companies. Li Kaifu is said to be an active member of shlf1314’s secretive organization, Ex-shlf1314r". The main investment direction of the Innovation workshop is the mobile Internet based on Android system, which is considered a shlf1314 complex.

NetEase entrepreneur group". This two years before the NetEase executives in Beijing Lu sleeves alone, no less than the flight of vice ministerial level officials. They have influence, have savings and experience, it is said that because the high turnover rate of NetEase executives, now a lot of VC are happy with several major Internet Co executives to make friends, for the future is First come, first served., VC began to hire some headhunters, staring at those large Internet Co executives, a start-up capital wind sways grass. Immediately to account. One of the characteristics of NetEase’s entrepreneurial drive is that there is an intersection between leaving colleagues, I, America, and stocks

in fact, the circle is not so mysterious, if the Internet business is only "circle determinism", then the world’s most powerful Internet Co should be produced in china. The circle is not China special social organization, the Silicon Valley several well-known start-up companies, its founder and behind the investors are more or less are old acquaintances, not direct or indirect friends, "the ape shit", bow to see the rise, the palm of the Silicon Valley is more about the trust relationship.

from today’s headlines page, in addition to text content, video, pictures for its main push content.

today August 1st morning, today’s headlines announced strategic investment picture library, Oriental IC. For the amount of investment, share ratio and other information, today’s headlines did not disclose, but told the tiger sniffing the "strategic investment mainly," a large proportion of strategic investment." After the completion of the investment, the eastern IC will continue to operate independently".

today’s headlines up early, Zhang Yiming said in a public speech to break the boundaries of traditional content, all can become the object of distribution: "we believe that as long as you can create useful information types, we don’t mind the mechanism. For example, there is a happy twist, the drama club, they play footage, trailer, actor interview here, very popular with consumers, they can attach their new drama in the content of the publicity, attached the new drama tickets link. Secondly, such as Internet banking enterprises, the Internet financial information after the aggregation, it is also very popular with readers. If there is an institution, and even advertisers, is also our media platform to enter the body, as long as the content of creation is meaningful to readers, we are welcome to settle."

headlines today is the sale of content distribution.

, but compared to the picture worms community, the Oriental IC has strict copyright restrictions and exclusive agents for pictures. So, how to settle in is a problem.


Beijing should be regarded as one of the oldest and most active cities in china. Years of precipitation, but also accumulated seven horizontal, eight vertical circle of friends, basically mentioned a well-known entrepreneur, you can think of him behind a string of people, this is the circle:

Lei Jun and his irons. Needless to say, before everyone called Lei system Sogou input method is the default this three word, thunder from the software to start, through the Internet, now embrace hardware, all the way down, earn popularity more than money. He did millet, partner in Jinshan old brother, investors have his old partner, and he invests in those projects, are old acquaintances. Unfamiliar, not cast also became Lei Jun "angel" motto. The biggest advantage of entering the circle of Lei Jun is, you can have the opportunity of trial and error of many times poineering work, old is an example.


why today’s headlines to stake in the East IC?

today’s headlines made a trial in the field of photo information distribution, which was acquired as early as November 2014. After the UGC mode of the picture in the form of community headlines, settled in today’s headlines provide pictures to their content, today’s headlines also opened up a "map bug" this column in the PC on the rail end.

according to official caliber, the cooperation, today’s headlines is to further increase the original content of the support and protection of copyright content. The Oriental IC is to focus on today’s headlines in big data, image analysis and personalized algorithms and other aspects of technology, so as to enhance product service capabilities.

this is a topic that is not to offend people, good people will jump out to scold: "you are the circle, you are small circle!" before a book called "circle trap", light enough to listen to the name "sinister". But in the circle of Chinese, more like a "Fortress Besieged": the people inside regressed donghonghong, feel all around him dip his own light; the people outside or in droves, or greatly despise, sour grapes.

in addition to strategic shares, today’s headlines did not mention the form of cooperation in the future business, but said it will be given in terms of algorithms, image analysis and other aspects of the eastern IC technical support.

based on previous plots of the community of insects speculated that, after today’s headlines, or will provide traffic for the East IC entrance, the East IC may also be settled today headlines.

has a precedent,


straightforward understanding, today’s headlines + Oriental IC is traffic + content, the intention is to enhance the liquidity of the picture content through traffic distribution.

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