The correlation in website optimization is how to reflect the operation and analysis of misunderstan

second connection between. We are very familiar with the connection between, mainly reflected in two aspects of Web site inline >

as everyone knows, the website ranking correlation factors in ascension in the optimization process is one of the important factors, how will the correlation do fine, is one of the factors of each Shanghai dragon er must be considered, that correlation is reflected in many aspects, including inside and outside the station, how to effectively do the correlation analysis of the correlation between how factors? We each reflected Shanghai dragon ER in our website optimization process must be clear, the author is how to embody in website optimization relationship? Embodiment includes those aspects? I will do a simple share. The correlation is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

first, relevant and unified content of the article with the title and site title and site location. Many people have said this is very clear and well understood, web positioning is very important, according to the website positioning organization content on this site is very simple ah, everyone knows that! But a lot of people especially the novice friends know that often there is no real application to the actual work, the author first case analysis at present, a lot of friends in the operation and Optimization in Taobao customer, see is the most direct, many sites in order to increase the amount collected to create a large number of irrelevant articles, performance is the most obvious, such as a web site is white, looking for a lot of whitening chats in Taobao, what is more, directly into a piece of paper, put all sorts of things together, the original this is done, but the user experience? The content and the relevance of the theme? That good luck You can get good effect included in a short period of time, bad luck, once the search engine found as cheating processing, direct right to be reduced or even no longer included, this is also a lot of Taobao who just listen to the birds and the original is more important, the original can also be so crude rotten made many such articles. I own in the process of operation practice and share with you, about the content, I still like the original articles and original articles for combined operation, but it should be noted that, first of all, the original must be. Can you for original or original, no problem to us today is to be included. This and all, secondly, the readability of the article. Mainly in the article to meet the user’s reading habits, those chats, do not pay attention to the user experience of the article put all sorts of things together, although it is to look at the spider, but the spider recognition ability is very strong, the search engine algorithm perfect today, this little trick I advise you to be still. Finally, note the consistency and correlation of the title of the article and you. The whole article must be around the theme of the narrative, the title of the article highlights your central idea, not blindly for keywords and hard in the nested words, the title of the article can be described naturally around the keywords, content, nature does not affect reading under the condition of appropriate penetration site keywords are no problem.

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