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Shanghai dragon is just a technology, just can make web pages in the search engine to get high ranking to obtain directional flow, the greatest value lies in, allowing customers to automatically through the screening of search engines to find the information you want, if you are supplier, can use the Shanghai Dragon technology making your website to get a large number of customers from the search engine, resulting in the transaction, this way is basically through the network platform, so the best way to Shanghai Dragon Technology for electronic commerce services, as a way of doing business online customer acquisition. For example, I am now in cooperation with friends by Shanghai Dragon technology to make money (I provide Shanghai Dragon technology so good, ranking from love inside the Shanghai site keywords have been set up in the directional flow is also called directional customers and friends to provide products, customer service by friends and family are doing, sales performance is basically stable, I every month receive product diversion flow channel website is the most important to get customers through the Shanghai dragon. PS: if you have a good product for Internet sales, you can contact me, help Shanghai Longfeng planning…

services in Shanghai Dragon

4, Shanghai Dragon Technology Network Project

Shanghai Dragon technology, is a difficult to understand the precise technology, the threshold is relatively shallow, basically buy a virtual host and domain name, looking for an open-source program can set up a website, you can carry out the work of the Shanghai dragon, of course this is web based, web site set up good, reasonable layout of website architecture keywords, and can use the keywords from the search engine lead flow to the website is the idea, also is the content of Shanghai dragon.

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1, first Shanghai dragon

)3, using The general answer is:

technology to provide

technology to do e-commerce (Shanghai dragon to do business through the network)

I do e-commerce or provide related services in Shanghai dragon, the former is called SEM, which is selling technology services to make money.

wants through the network business people very much, while the Shanghai dragon is relatively low cost marketing tool, so most of Shanghai Longfeng personnel will choose their own a certain type of website, for example, has a lot of friends around to open their own independent store business, also with Shanghai Dragon technology to optimize the local community website friends, do your project is right, because of all the hard work, both in the creation of value for themselves.

around too much out of the Internet to provide technical service to others, such as the University in the site is done, to open his own studio to another website, there are a lot of shoes do Shanghai Longfeng, through the network orders, for others to provide their own website optimization, Shanghai Dragon technology services, it is also more common in Shanghai dragon money the way, but I always think this way, do it soon, because others do things, the maximum profit to the others, they may just make money at the technical service fee.

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